Unexplained ketones

In abou the past month I've had ketones like 15 times. Can't figure out why. Pump, sites, everything looks fine. Any ideas? I'm on the Deltec Cozmo pump and cleo sites. I had a breakdown in the bathroom at someone's house last evening because I got ketones AGAIN. didn't have the insulin bottle with me and had to guess on dinner so my score at bedtime was high but had no ketones at bed and woke up with a great number. Seems to be the usual.

'T'aint diabetes fun.  You check keytones a lot more often than I do.  I check blood sugars at least 6 times a day and I have a cgm that stymies me all of the time.  I only check for keytones if my glucose reading are higher than 200 (usa).   What do your glucose reading say?  Possibly your pump basal rate need adjustment.  I know mine changes often depending on how much I exercise or how lazy I want to be.  You know even checking all of the time, counting carbs all of the time still things change and I am always surprised.  I blame it on the disease and try to correct as I go.  

I only check for ketones if my bg is above 240.  And originally I thought it might be my basal rate but take yesterday for example. I had good scores, if anything I was fighting a little to keep them up from lows, nothing above 140 till right before bed, I test, and I'm 305 with moderate ketones. :) I'm completely lost about now. Mom called the site company and talked to them  yesterday, on Monday, she said she would call my endo's office.

Plus, I leave next Wednesday for a week for my brother's wedding in another state. That will just be lovely if I keep getting ketones. Not.

Hi Leah Marie, I just wanted to send you a quick note.  My son (5 yr) will often show ketones in the morning regardless of his level of blood sugar.  His pediatrician suggested it could be caused from a lack of hydration, especially since over the summer he's been more active and the weather has been hotter.  His recommendation was to push more fluids during the day. Hopefully this will be helpful to you.  I read your profile - my son was diagnosed at 3 yrs, has been on the pump for 1 yr and we're Christian and homeschool too.  Good for you for having such a positive attitude - it will serve you well. Blessings.  Janet

Your body needs a certain amount of glucose to run.  Keytones are a byproduct caused by the body burning fat, when glucose isn't available.  Keytones aren't dangerous at low or moderate levels for short amounts of time.  

In your situation, I wouldn't be worried about keytones as much as the high blood sugars.  If you've grown, gained a few pounds, are stressed or are fighting an infection it's normal to increase insulin levels.  If you get your blood sugar down and drink water keytones will be flushed out.

Eating really low carb causes keytones too.  People on Atkins type diets just drink a lot of water to flush them out.