Unhappy with my new pump

Hello! Sorry if this has been asked before, I’m new here. I recently started pump therapy and at the advice of my doctor chose the Medtronic 670g. Overall I’m happy with pump therapy in general but just like other reviews I’ve since read for the pump/CGM I’m very unhappy with the amount of alarms and inacurracy of the CGM. I am routinely woken up at night to calibrate even though I did so just before bed. I’m really regretting my decision and wish I would have chosen the tslim instead as most seem much happier with it. Does anyone have any advice on this? Thanks in advance!

Hi @CptFalcon Nash, welcome to TypeOneNation. As far as anything I can say, your experience is king in this one.

There are some people who cannot use a CGM, it nay be too inaccurate or too painful or too itchy. Right now the Dex is likely the most popular but if you read around they are not perfect. You can always bail on the automode and use the pump like a classic pump. It’ll take some time to get your basal rates right but the pump will not bother you anymore.

You can always try a Dex before you switch. Your insurance may not cover a different pump for a couple years. I think it’ll be more important for you to try the different CGM (there’s also Freestyle and the implantable one too) but these 2 are not designed into a pump feedback system.

Cheers and good luck


Hi Nash welcome to Type one nation… I have been using the 670 g for a little over a year and a half after injecting for more than 40 years… The first few months were horrible, the next few were tolerable. I am finally getting to the point where I don’t mind the 670. There are several things I have learned in the course of using this device. All of the alerts can be silenced but to do this you have to be careful of the cause. I would recommend leaving the sound on for high and low alerts but turning off the sound for sensor alerts. These are the most annoying and sometimes seem random. To do so
go to options…smartguard…automode…then uncheck the automode bg alert. I did this for a while but I didn’t like leaving this off so I made a real effort to figure out why they were happening and to find out how not to get them. There is a steep learning curve with this device but once you get it down it’s not totally bad. Try different site locations for the sensor, some work better than others. Initially they instructed me to use the back of the arm. With my bad shoulders and limited reach that was too awkward. I then tried abdomen, thigh and finally the sides of my skinny butt. I had much better results there than anywhere else.
Good luck

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I hear you loud and clear. I just received the 670G three weeks ago. I’ve been trying to be patient, with the pump, with Medtronic and it’s trainers. It’s been very difficult. There are few answers for the inopportune calibrations from them. I was on the G6 CGM (still am (and found the sensor matching okay)) and found going back to testing has been a pain, especially since the amount of testing needed is more than what was advertised.
I don’t know if you have passed your return date or not, but I am coming close and still am undecided. In my case, I will be able to get the 780G when it is released later this year, and I am hopeful. Supposedly, the alarm issues have been minimized and there will be a new sensor. I have been with Medtronic a long time and want to believe in them, but like you, I’ve heard the praises of the X2 and have been curious, to say the least.
I have no answers for you, being in the same situation, so I guess, I too am looking for feedback. Definitely no an easy decision. Good luck.