United Healthcare Choice Plus Dexcom and Omnipod coverage

I have United HEalthcare Choice Plus, and i am finding that i have crappy coverage for dexcom G6 sensors, transmitters (cgms) and Omnipod insulin pumps. i already ordered pod refill order and they were classified as DME billed as $1350 and i was charged he full deductible ($500+$50) for them. At my first employer these 2 systems were considered medical necessities and my current employer has a program called medical and prescription necessity program, but when i asked about it nobody can find out what it is or how to get it. Same coverage for dexcom cgm, DME 80/20 coinsurance. or i can use pharmacy benefit, but it is the same cost. Has anyone else been able to get these or any diabetes supplies fully covered by UHC? PLEASE let me know.

Good Morning Charity. I have UHC Heritage Plus, but my general understanding is the health insurance industry considers insulin pumps and the supplies as DME. They key is the type of policy you have, since most DME is subject to the plan discount, and then the deductible. I do not know if there is a supplement that can be purchased, but if the insurance is through your employer, then I would think it is probable that the supplemental coverage is not available through your employer.