Unplanned pregnancy with high HbA1c

Hello All

Ive been a type 1 diabetic with uncontrolled sugar levels. My last Hb1Ac was 8.4 (which I got done this week). I discovered the unplanned pregnancy and am currently in the 6th week of my pregnancy.

Got in touch with my endo who has put me on strict levels and altered my insulin doses. Appears like I can get it under great control starting today.

I’m looking for people with similar experiences (i.e. high levels at the time of conceiving but strict regulations thereafter) and how they did with their babies? Any other advices are also welcome. I am really scared right now.

Hi @nimishasood93 . Congratulations on your pregnancy. I don’t have kids but just wanted to say be sure you have an ObGyn who manages high risk pregnancies to cover yourself on all fronts. In case you missed it gets another thread on pregnancy from a few weeks ago - there are some references you might find helpful.
Wishing you all the best.

Congratulations @nimishasood93 ! Let me just say, don’t worry. I know it’s easy to think of all the things that may go wrong, but just focus on controlling what you can right now. I was in the same boat. High a1c, and an unplanned pregnancy, but thankfully everything went well with my pregnancy. Your a1c can drop really fast especially once you get your control in line. But just be prepared for monthly ultrasounds, and endo appts every week. It’s fun though to see your baby grow through the screen. Always looked forward to it. Congrats again!


Thankyou so much for the reply and the positivity. Can you tell me how high was yours when you started?

@nimishasood93 My a1c was 8.7 I believe. I remember my doctor saying she saw some diabetics with a1c in the 10’s and they still had a healthy baby. I got my a1c down to 4.9 with my first unplanned pregnancy and my 2nd unplanned pregnancy i got it down to 6.1. Both of my babies had low blood sugars when they were born, but I’m told Is somewhat normal with type ones. Their blood sugars corrected itself after an hour, and were fine after they were given formula to correct their low.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. If I may ask are you using a CGM or finger pricks to monitor your BGL’s? Which ever one you’re using what has your levels been running before you got pregnant and what are they running now? If you’re using finger pricks you may want to ask your endo about going to a CGM to keep constant track of how levels are in real time. Being able to glance and see your BGL’s intead of doing finger pricks constantly will help you maintain a more controlled blood sugar level to achieve a better A1C and corrections can be administered more promptly. Please let us know how you’re doing and if we can answer any questions you may think of. Good luck to you and your baby. We’re here for you.

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