Unusually Normal Sugars T1!

Hi. I have had Type 1 for about 18 years now. Here for about the past week, my sugars have been within the "normal range" without next to any insulin at all!  I have been taking my usual night shot of Lantus, which is 13 units before bed. I eat like I normally do so I don't understand why this is doing this. It's almost like I don't even have diabetes. But I know I do. Like I said, I've had it for 18 years. Its not that I am upset because it's in the normal range, my concern is why all the sudden? Yesteday I took at total of 1 1/2 units of Humalog(total) for 3 meals and snack. I am a small built guy( about 120 lbs) and I have an extremley high metabolism. But it's never really done this before. Any suggestions, comments or additional questions are greatly appreciated!


P.S - I woke up with a 39 this morning!