Unwanted advice re: pumps

So, there are so many people on here who have problems w/ people mistaking them for T2's and giving inappropriate advice ("Have you tried to eat better?")...

But ... I've been having the opposite problem lately. Like 3 different people have understood I'm T1 (I usually briefly explain it when I mention I'm diabetic) and they've all said something like, "Oh my xx (brother in law, coworker, neighbor, space alien, whoever) has that too and is on a pump and LOVES it. Wouldn't that work better for you?" AHHH! I'm so sick of it. It feels kind invasive to have to explain that I tried the pump, have a localized insulin allergy, got horrible hives at my infusion site, couldn't control my bs's on it, etc, etc. I usually say something like, "It didn't work for me" and they look at me like I'm a dangerous incompetent.

I guess I should be happy that the general public has heard of pumps, right? (:

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I guess I should be happy that the general public has heard of pumps, right? (:


well thats a good way to look on the bright side! yeah....I guess ignorance is pretty much unavoidable. I know I probably have said something dumb or annoying about someone else's situation before. I don't think anyone tries to get on peoples nerves by talking about things that we don't really know about but it just kinda happens. You feel like you should say something so you do and it just ends up sounding silly.

But i guess your right...if people are actually mentioning things like pumps now shouldn't we be excited about that? Its supposed to be about the little things in life right?

Juvenators...saving the world one confused non-diabetic at a time!

i find it more annoying when another diabetic tells me i should be on a pump haha.

if someone else says it, i just shrug and tell them i like shooting up :P

What's so strange to me is that ANYONE on a pump would say they "love it."  While I have found the pump to be a better solution for me to manage my blood sugars, it's certainly not something I "love."  There really isn't anything about having Type 1 that I love.  I would certainly rather not have it, but since I have no choice, I make the best of it.

my mom's friend was constantly telling me to consider the pump. she didnt understand I have do come to that conclusion in my OWN time. Its been a year, and I did go on the pump about a week ago. Her reaction was:"finally!"...can you beleive that? some people are so ignorant

When people bother you about pumps you should just inform them that although you appreciate their suggestion that you have looked into pump therapy and it is not something that you would like to try. The good thing is that there are different options and not everyone has to use something someone else uses. What works for one may not work for another.

Doesn't mean anything is wrong with you because of it either. It's just personal preference. Having something attached to you 24/7 is a committment and not everyone wants to be attached to a medical device. Heck, sometimes I want to be detached  from my pump and take a "pump vacation" as we pumpers call it haha But, when I think about having to take shots again, I would much rather use the pump. That is my preference and it works for me.



     For me, I'd rather have a normal pancreas any day of the week.  I wanna see what it feels like to eat anything I want while suffering no bad side effects.  I also want to see what it feels like to get a full workout in at the gym without having to worry about my blood sugar getting too low.  But, for now, I have my pump and I love using it.  For me, it's better than giving injections, because I don't bruise all the time anymore.  Also for me, I got so many lows when the Lantus and Humalog would interact too strongly at certain points in the day.  However, I don't think that just because pumps are available that everyone should use them.  What works for one person doesn't always work for the next. As long as we are caring for our diabetes in an effective manor for us, that should be all that's important.