Up and down bs

Im 9 weeks pregnant and i use an insulin pump and ive noticed my bs are everywhere ups and downs i cant seem to get them under control one minute its over 200 then its in the 30s im wondering if anyone else has had these extremes im really scared of haveing a miscarriage i had one last year

OMG -- you are describing my first trimester to the T!!! I was happy to move into insulin resistance b/c at least I could up my insulin and it was more steady. (;

I sent my endo my BGs every week and tested 12-15 times a day which helped. Also, just try to be patient with yourself. You can't be expected to do everything perfectly.

I hope you don't miscarry again! That must be scary to worry about. I'd imagine it's unlikely? Send us an update soon to tell us how it's going!


That was my first three weeks too.  I had a miscarriage as well this past october and we are trying to get prego now.  I checked tons and I got frustrated then I blamed the miscarriage on my highs and lows.  My endo said that it was not because of my highs and lows which was reassuring.  I know I will be more gun shy this second time.  YOu will do good.  Your BS are supposed to steady out after your first trimester :)


Congrats! It is so exciting to be pregnant.  I am 8 weeks pregnant and this is my second pregnancy. I do not remember having such a hard time with the ups and downs as I do this time around. I am very frustrated and confused. Everything changes so fast I feel like i'm in control and then the next hour its up high again. I can relate to how you are feeling. Try as hard as you can to work as closely with your "team". My OB doctor continues to remind me to be very diligent in keeping up with my Dietitian or Diabetic Doctor. He told me to send in my bs results once a week. 

Best of luck with your pregnancy and hang in there. It is worth it.

You are not alone. I am also 9 weeks pregnant and experiencing the same ups and downs. Some days are ok, and others are just crazy. I have never had a miscarriage, but I have also had the same fears. I think it's just that fear of not having the level of control you really wish you had to ensure a perfectly healthy pregnancy. Fortunately, I have a great nurse that gives me helpful advice on trying to control those swings while also reassuring me that I am doing a great job even though I do have swings. I am definitely a control freak when it comes to managing my BS and I can get easily frustrated when I feel like I'm doing everything right but still not seeing the numbers I "should" be seeing.

I am actually training for the Dexcom this week. So, while I am not thrilled about having more junk attached to my body and to be carried around, I am looking forward to having advance notice of those swings in BS.

Good luck to you and congratulations!


Thanks for all the replies this site is new to me but im finding it really helpful its nice to know there is  others out there going through the same thing i havent know anyone with diabetes who was pregnant so these post have really put me to ease i did talk to my dr and he adjusted my rates and it has seemed to help ive had a lot of lows but not to many highs my next appt.s the 24th and ill be at 12 weeks im counting down the days and our secret will be out! lol thanks everyone for the inputs!