Update! And still so many questions & concerns

Ok, since the last time I posted about all the problems that I was having with my bs, things have changed and at times it's hard to say if the changes are for the better.

So I returned to work on May 31st which was over 1 month early and the reason for returning so quickly was because of money. Here in Canada we are able to take 15 weeks for Sick Leave and well after those 15 weeks I wasn't able to have many improvements in basal rates, bs control. My endo has lowered my basal rate from 0.85u/hr to 0.75u/hr 24 hrs a day and my synthryorid was increased to 225 mcg daily from 200 mcg daily. I'm a little doubtful that the change in basal rate should be 24 hrs, so I still have alot of work figuring out my daytime rates. And since my return to work (i work in a call centre) I have been able to get the shifts my dr's have wanted for me which is 9am - 2pm but with this i'm still going low at least once a day while i'm at work and these lows are at different times of the day (i'm wondering it they are being caused by stress??) and still having to take calls while dealing with the side effects for a low (for me the side effects are headache- i think it might be in the migrane range but i've never been aware of having a migrane and nausea- to the point of having dry heaves). Now with my side effects I have tried to get rid of the headache by taking all OTC brands of headache/migrane meds and for the nausea i can't take gravol at work because it makes me really sleepy  and it doesn't work when i take it at home, peppermint is a natural anti-nausea med but it doesn't work.

Last Thursday (June 10th), I was dropping low at about 8am and didn't realize it, so I still went to work but i was running 15 mins late when i got to work 1 of my friends realized that i was in trouble so she called for help and EMS arrived to take me to the hospital but before we left there was a slight panic because my BP dropped very low(can't remember what they told me it was sorry!!) While at the hospital they kept checking my BP because they were worried that i was having a heart attack or some type of infection. This is the 1st time that this has happened to me and all i really remember is a feeling of panick.

Since the return to work and realizing how many lows i'm still having, the newest trip to the hospital i'm afarid to LIVE!!!!! I'm so worried about what will happen if I'm out walking/biking or anything at all and i don't realize that i'm dropping low and dropping fast (which seems to be my case). I could guess that part of the reason that i'm so scared is because these problems have only developed over the past yr. I wish that I could upload my #'s from my pump to here so that you could see my bs results.

I don't know anymore and having more and more feelings that i want to give up but it's taking all my will not to give up.

"If it's true that we are what we eat, then I am fast, easy and cheap" -- Barbara Johnson


Have you been in contact with your endo since your hospital visit?  Does your bs only drop in the am or does it happen at any time of day?  Maybe your endo needs to lower your basal in the am and adjust it differently for different times of the day.  I have 5 different basal rates throughout the day because I tend to run high while I'm sleeping, drop in the morning after being at work for a couple of hours, level out during the afternoon and then run higher in the evening.  If your doctor isn't willing to work with your rates alittle more closely maybe it's time to find a new endo. 

If you're changing your basals around, can you start by lowering the times at work and run a little high then? It sounds like that's the hardest part of your day! And, it sounds like the lows are more disruptive than highs at work...

Also, I remember from your old post you weren't able to get a CGM. Are you able to work it into your schedule at work to test every 30 min while you're there at work? That might reduce your stress a bit, having more information?

I have been on the pump only a few months, because of my diagnosis of hypoglycemic unawareness,  I can not tell when my sugars are low at all, my doctors have me testing my sugars every hour during the day and at least once in the middle of the night. I also have problems with lows at work but because I have no one around if I were to have trouble, I am checking every half hour at work because I worry. My best advice is to stay on top of your doctors to get things leveled out for you and to check your sugars as often as possible. I realize the pain of checking hourly or a little more but in the long run it will keep you safer and maybe have a better chart for your doctors to look at your sugars throughout the day.

Just to add my 2 cents in again ... (: The more you test, the more you'll catch and treat the lows earlier, and the unawareness should decrease. Also, a couple weeks of running higher w/o lows can help decrease it as well. Since going on the CGM and catching my lows around 80 (with some margin of error for the machine), I've started feeling my lows again around 60, where before it was more like 45 or 50.


Thank you all for your advice, I'm hoping that I can turn things around soon.

I wanted to answer some of your questions I haven't had any contact with my endo since my hospital visit but have an appoitment with my family Dr on the 28th. With regards to the lows they are happening at all times of day whether I've been active or not. The Lows are the worst at work because they all come down to 1 of 3 things happen 1) i get sent to the hopital via ambulance 2) i go home to sleep off the headache and nausea 3) i stay at work and suffer through the headache and nausea then my supervisior is on me to take more calls and do it faster. Now all of that being said, with my job i only have to be able to talk and click a mouse so i'm free to test as often as i have/need to which is 6 to 10 times daily, which does give me the info that should help me notice trends i'm just not the confiendent in making changes to my basal rates myself.


"If it's true that we are what we eat, then I am fast, easy and cheap"-- Barbara Johnson

Since you are on a pump have you looked at adding mutiple basal rates during the day? I have about 6-8 basal rates that change during the day. I need more insulin overnight so from 9pm until 6 am I have a higher rate. Then during the day from 6am-9pm I have about 4 different basal ratesthat vary from .65 U/hour to .95 U/hour.

I would talk with your endo and plot out when you go low/high during the day and add to your 1 basal rate for the entire day. 


Thanks for the advice guys, but my lows are never at the same time of the day/night. Here are my bs readings since Wed. June 16th just to show you I'm taking about.

Wed. June 16th -- 7:03am - 6.4, 9am - 3.4, 11:09am - 6.3, 12:40pm - 10.9, 1:55pm - 7.7, 3:21pm - 5.3, 6:51pm - 5.9, 9:42pm - 8.1 (worked 9am - 2pm)

Thurs. June 17th -- 7:28am - 6.1, 11:32am - 5.7, 5:53pm - 3.2, 8:32pm - 10.0 (day off)

Fri. June 18th -- 6:41am - 5.9, 10:09am - 6.5, 1:42pm - 11.0, 5:21pm - 2.4, 6:32pm - 6.7, 9:45pm - 9.9(worked 9am - 2pm)

Sat. June 19th -- 9:54 - 9.0, 11:06am - 6.1, 1:57pm - 3.4, 3:40pm - 4.7, 5:50pm - 6.8, 7:40pm - 9.4, 10:12pm - 5.1(day off, went for 1.5 hr walk between 1:57pm and 3:40pm)

So take a look and let me know what you think and if you want me to put up more #'s I can. Again thanks for all the help and support guys you have no idea how much it means to me.

"If it's true that we are what we eat, then I am fast, easy and cheap" -- Barbara Johnson