When I started visiting Juvenation back in November 2008 I felt like a pretty sorry lot!

But this community really helped turn that around. I've been gone for a while but I am back to say WOW! My ha1c  was 8.6 when I started here. So much has happened thanks to the inspiration I found here.

So when I started I often went up to 400s and 500s about once every 3 weeks. It felt bad to say the least. But I slowly got them leveled out to now 300s once ever 3 weeks. GREAT start. So after a few months here I got my a1c down to 7.6! It took an upward slide thanks to stress up to 8.4 again =( it was a little sad but I knew it was just a number not a score.

During this time on the site I was following and keeping posts about Team Type 1, the diabetic bike racing team. What really inspired me about them was not just the fact that they were winning championship cross country races but that they also started Team Type 2 the non professional team that races in the same race as them. This along with the conversations on this site slowly started changing my perception of type 2 diabetes as a disease and a cultural phenomenon. I decided to change my perception of this as blaming the individuals for their condition to blaming a culture that is pushing natural processes in the body too fast. After all, in 2050 when almost 1/2 the people in America have this disease it can not be denied our culture needs a change.

Ultimately these racers changed my thoughts on my own disease from something I just need to live with to something that can inspire. Over the next few months as a struggled with my other life decisions I came to the conclusion that I need to get into diabetes education. Go to school again and get a BSN. It won't be easy. After all I got a 3 on my math section of my ACT if anyone wants to know... I suck at math.

So to start off I did something amazing now just before I start the nursing program. I got my A1C down to 6.4.

o.O who would have thunk it? I didn't even try hard. That is the lowest it has been in 5 years. I don't believe in divinity but I'll take it as a sign from my self that I have made the right decision and continue to try to inspire.

That's wonderful news! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure all your experiences will be of great help and inspiration to your future patients. Keep it up. (:

Thank you so much for sharing all this with us! It's great to hear inspirational stories from people using this site. I did terribly on the ACT math section as well, but I made it through dietetics. You're going to be fine! 

Good luck to you in going back to school. It's a big step, but a challenge worth taking :D

Congratulations on your amazing A1C too!

Good Luck in school ! Congrats on your a1c, that is awesome !