Update! :)

Hello all!!!

first and foremost, I want to send out a HUGE thank you for all the comments and support.  I just became active on here 2 weeks ago and you all have made such a positive difference on my diabetes experience!  I hope I can return the favor....many many thanks!

the past two weeks I have posted about not taking my insulin to avoid weight gain and my husband posted about my scary blurred vision episode.  I am thrilled to say, that I had a GREAT meeting with my new NP,CDE yesterday and am headed full speed at getting my sugars in check.  She gave my a carb to insulin ratio and an insulin sensitivity factor plus taught me to count carbs (my previous endo just started me on insulin using the very outdated sliding scale and was not very available to review my sugar logs and help me learn to best use insulin)  I am testing all day long (even at 3am) and have a follow up appt in two weeks to go over my results.  It is a lot of work, but I am optimistic and excited to get better.  A little nervous about the weight gain, but I am not going to let it interfere with my health any longer (I'm sure there will be a "I feel like a super hippo"post soon, lol)

As for the blurred vision, you all were right.  I went from such high sugars to better control very fast and that was the result.  I am going to meet with a diabetic optometrist in a few weeks to double check everything is ok....very scary though!

As you all know, diabetes has it's ups and downs and I am happy to report that I am on an 'up'   I am here for anyone who needs to vent or some positive encouragement, please don't hesitate to reach out!!  thanks again and I will continue to keep you posted. 

Hi Jackie,

So glad to hear things are going well!  Getting your blood sugars under control will make a world of difference. 

Here's to a new and improved life! :)

That's good to hear. As far as the weight gain, it is just as likely that you will end up losing a few pounds of water weight. I know I used to be more bloated when I had higher blood sugars and with the tight control and carb counting you will do just fine.

So glad to see that you are on the right track and that you have an NP and CDE who really care about you and your care.  We are all in the same boat.  Some days are good, others bad.  But you get through it!  It's good that you are going to get your eyes checked.  I get mine checked twice a year!  Keep up the good work and keep us posted! 

READING THIS MADE MY DAY!!  We're all in this together, Jackie - feel free to lean whenever you need to.  :)

fabulous to hear, jackie! we're all rooting for you :o) thanks for keeping us updated!

I am so glad you are doing better! I have been up and down this road a lot and as long as you try your best and take it day by day you'll be fine. I am sure your eyes will be fine since retinopathy takes a while to develop. If you ever need help, we're here to help!

I'm glad you hear that you are doing better and most importantly that you feel positively about all the new changes!   Keep up the good work and remember that's it's ok to have bad days and temporary set-backs along the way...I'm not saying this to be a total downer, it's just that we all have bad days, and when your next one strikes I don't want it to get you down or make you feel like you've derailed off your good path.  Just know that we're rooting for you all the way and always here!

Great news!  It's never easy tackling this diabetes thing, but it sounds like you've got a good plan going.  Good luck with the vision tests and everything else upcoming.

Good luck on your new journey, lady!  I'm also crawling my way back from a very bleak time where I wouldn't take my insulin.  It's a lot of work as you mentioned, but the payoff will be worth it.

p.s.  in three months time, my a1c went from a 10.8 to and 8.8 (20% improvement) and I barely gained 3 pounds. 

You can do this. 

That is a very positive report Jackie! I am pleased to hear that you are counting carbs, that can make such a difference! I learned that I need 1 unit of fast acting insulin for every 6 carbs I eat.That is called a 1:6 carb ratio. Other people have 1:10, or 1:15 .....ratios. It varies a lot from one insulin user to another. I hope you will continue to have great success with your control.


Hello Jackie. I'm just reading about this today and I have to say way to go!! Keep your positive attitude. I'm that this will inspire others too.

 Great news!!!!!!!! Wishing nothing but the best control for you. Keep us posted!!

Wow, your determination and positive attitude is so inspiring!  I'm so glad to hear that you are really taking control.  Today when I saw my endo who also has diabetes, she said that diabetes is a game - you have to try your best to win but even when you are losing and things aren't going so well you have to keep your head up and keep playing.  You are doing a great job doing just that...and we will stick by you when things get rough! 

Glad to hear it!

Jackie, I'm so glad you've been given the tools you need and are determined to use them properly!  YAY!

I'm a very new diabetic too, and I've been worried about weight gain...  And I have gained about 4 pounds since starting insulin two and a half months ago, but people keep saying I look thinner.  I think it's because just being healthier makes you look better!

Oh, and I had the blurry vision issue, too!  I was wearing my contact lenses and reading glasses to function at work, and my eyes were still killing me by the end of the day.  Not fun.  It all went back to normal after about a week, but it was scary when it started happening.

Keep riding that "up!"

thank you all so much to the postive words and encouragement!!!  you all are AWESOME!!!

I'm so glad you are doing so much better!

I know the "weight gain" thought is scary, but it doesn't happen with everyone. Some people do notice that they gain weight, but a lot of people don't as well. If you stay on top of everything, I'm sure you will be just fine. Good luck!