Hey everyone! Just want to ask how everyone is doing with their pregnancy? Please keep us updated!

I am currently 26 weeks (although I have been measuring 1 week ahead my entire pregnancy) and I had an ultrasound on Friday. My babygirl is estimated to weigh 2 lbs and 4 ounces right now. My doctor didn't actually tell me anything was abnormal with the ultrasound, but he did say he wanted to keep an eye on my amniotic fluid and I will now be going in for an ultrasound every 2 weeks.  Do you know if this is pretty standard?

Hi Rachel -  I had the same thing with my first daughter (she's 11 now).  I actually was told it was not diabetes related - but who knows.   I started the every other week ultrasounds at 28 weeks - like you, not a concern but wanted to keep an eye on things.   They reported low placental fluid when I was at 30 weeks, at 34 weeks they took me out of work - and I had ultrasounds weekly and non-stress tests twice a week.    I was induced at 38 week appointment because the fluid was too low.  After 22 hours on pitocin, my daughter was born perfectly healthy - 6lbs 9oz, 18", high apgar score.    She did need glucose an hour after birth but was fine after that.  

I have enough pictures of my daughter in-utero I could put them together and make an animation I think.  :-)   Good luck and I hope everything works out fine.  

Katie, thanks for the reply! I'm glad to hear that you had a healthy little girl!

Like I said, my doctor didn't really say anything was wrong with my fluid. He didn't say whether it was high or low, just that he "wanted to closely monitor it". And now I'm told I need ultrasounds every 2 weeks, which makes me wonder if maybe the ultrasound tech noticed something abnormal, or maybe this is just standard procedure for diabetic pregnancies?

it is standard with diabetic pregnancy and other high risk pregnancies to start getting ultra sounds much more frequently towards the end of the second/beginning of the third trimester. Its a good thing, we get to see out little ones more and problems can be caught fast!