Upgrade Omnipod Dash to Horizon

Has anyone talked to Omnipod and know if they are willing to upgrade the Dash to the Horizon? My daughter became eligible for a pump about 6 months ago. At that time we were excited about the Horizon so decided to wait, but it seems the wait may be too long. My doctor said once we choose a pump we will have it for 4 years. I assume that’s due to insurance. The nurse mentioned at our last visit that Omnipod may be willing to upgrade from Dash to Horizon. Omnipod won’t respond via emails to my question, they want me to call. I want something in writing though. Anyone have any insight? At some point I will call, but just wondering if anyone had info?

I wonder if their reps even know yet.

When I’ve started new technology I was assigned a rep to answer questions, get me started, help me navigate the system, etc. It’s been a while but I think my doctor started the process and the rep was the person assigned to their office. You could ask your doctor to put you in touch with the rep, who can keep you posted on progress - although if you’re looking for something in writing it will probably be a published, public announcement of some sort; still, they may be able to keep you updated on progress that you might not get through customer service.