Uploading Music to Ping

We are fairly new to the Ping, started with it in October.  We are very happy with it and have succeeded in uploading, saving info to a PDF file and sending it off to our diabetes educator & doc.  My daughter would now like to upload music but I can't get it to work.  I can upload our BG's and all other info, but when I try to connect to upload music it tells me that "no pump was found".  I am not the best with technology, so is it something I am doing wrong?  Any help would be greaty appreciated!  Think I can have fun putting silly songs on while she is showering and she won't know it until she gets a warning alarm :-)


Julie Anderson (Mom to Fallon Mary, 9 years old, dx 6/30/04)

I haven't tired to use that feature on my own  pump yet, but I remember reading that it might not be work for all pumps. If you get it to work, please let me know! Good luck!

I didn't know about that... but I sure hate the current alarm song setting... it's like a 1980s cell phone! :)

where is the port for the usb cable to go in??

there isn't one.  I'm under the impression that this isn't possible, unless you use the "custom composer" which means you must know how to play the piano which I don't.


T1 18 years

Refer to the Animas ezmanager-max software manual. According to it, you also need an "IR dongle" (order from Animas), which connects to your computer. For communication with your pump, the dongle must be aligned with the window on the back of the Ping pump, beneath the clip, which must be removed. There is no physical connection to the pump, just IR (infra-red) radiation through the window. While communicating with the software, you must be disconnected, the pump must be suspended, and the display must not be blank. You may want to extend the display timeout setting, and then change it back when you are through.

Tom Beatson

I use the dongle to down load pump settings but still can't figure out if this is possible.  

Our pump trainer (we start insulin on the Ping on Monday) told us how to change the music... Problem is you actually have to know the musical notes in order to add it to the software to download to the pump! Crazy huh?!

Not crazy if you happen to be a musician.

How do I order the things I need to where I can put music on there.

My post of Jun 28 2011 consisted primarily of text that I quoted from printed material I received from Animas, or which I found by searching the Animas web site. I have not attempted to load music myself, and do not plan to. I have been T1 since 1942, when I was 10 years old. I started pumping in 1995, and the Animas Ping is my fourth pump. As a child I took piano lessons during the years before my dx. After dx I learned to play the trombone,and continued that through high school, participating in the concert band, marching band, and orchestra. The concert band received several "1" ratings in New York State regional competitions. I still know how to read music, but I have not been an active musician since my high school years. My college degree was BS in electrical engineering, and my working career was as a computer systems engineer. Hence, my interest in this thread.