Upstate New York!

Hello all! I’m a 23 yr old whos had diabetes for 2 years now and lookin for other people around my area to talk/get to know/vent with. Anyone??

Hey, i’m 22 and it’s been nearly a year for me! Always nice to see someone who got it around the same time as me :hugs: feel like most people were diagnosed as a child so i’m like a newbie still!
Drop me a message!:two_hearts:

Hi Kelly @fullerk95 , it is often good to meet face to face with other people with our unique lifetime challenge. I went many years without that privilege. In recent years, through meeting people at a JDRF Summit I got involved in meeting regularly to share and vent too. It may be helpful for you to say where in “upstate New York” - your profile - you are located.
In my area, the Tampa Chapter of JDRF monthly newsletter often has a dozen events listed every month; you can click “Near You” in the upper margin of the main JDRF web-page [] to see what is happening in your area.