Urinarry track infections

my daughter was put on a antibiotic for this-does anyone get these-I am stressed a bit about it.

i had them a few times when i was younger..actually those and bladder infections were almost as common for me as yeast infections are now.

i wouldn't worry too much. watch her levels, as the infection will obviously make them rise, but she should be fine since she's on anti-botics now.



Thanks so much Batts-I think it,s that movie I saw years ago,that frightens me. I know everyone knows which movie. -Sad one- I heard the movie was true and then it was not. Oh well you have made me feel better,so I am going on that.

??? what movie??

stesl magnolias-I bought the movie years ago,then when d came into our lives,I gave the movie away. I liked all the actors  in it.

what a horrible sounding movie!!

she dies at the end cuz she was diabetic and had a baby??


maybe i should rent this movie sometime..

ha Batts maybe I'll watch it too ! maybe the movie was not even true.The movie has funny parts in it-but you know that------I think I will pass on it and watch -UFO- fact or fiction !!!


First of all I really like steel magnolias too. Sad but it's a good one.

UTI's, I have had quite a few of those in my time, they're very PAINFUL.  One thing I can offer (from my experience) is drinking cranberry juice straight for really bad pain. Personally I drink either cranberry flavored ginger ale or mix it myself for less intense pain. Ocean spray has different types of cranberry drinks and work very well---cranapple, crangrape,etc. Make sure she is using the light or diet ones though. No need to stress about it, she'll be fine in a few days : )

Thank you so much orange mms !!!! I will buy some of those !!

No Problem, glad I could help : )

This was the beginning of my diabetes diagnosis. Frequent Urinary Tract Infections!  Everyone says Cranberry juice, but that does not make sense unless there in NO sugar in it.  Bacteria which is what causes a UTI, thrives on sugar.  Give it juice and you are feeding the bacteria.  You can get cranberry capsules at the health food store, if you want to use cranberry.  Did the Dr. give her the pain reliever that turns her pee orange?  That stuff is the most relief.   Honestly, I have broken bones, but I think a UTI is the most painful and uncomfortable thing ever!  The best advice I can give is do not drink juice, drink water! Get a bunch of PH neutral water (Evian is the best) and have her camp out on the toilet with a book and just drink and pee and repeat...  Just flush those nasty bacteria out!

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Hi Kate,Orange mms sent over info.on all the sugar free drinks the other day and I was telling her I bought the cranberry capsules.The bottle says for urinary tract health.I also found AZO test strips,just to make sure things cleared up.She says she feels much better.The doctor gave her nothing for pain.Maybe he thought it wasn't needed ?? She has been drinking lots of water like she was told to.Taking her antibiotic still......You said the doctor found out you where type1 because of the urinary tract  infections --Is it because of the sugar found in the urine ? I wonder how many people found out they have d this way ? ----anyway I thank everyone for your help !!