Used insulin pumps?

Has anyone heard of being able to buy a refurbished insulin pump?  I've heard of it for glucometers or cell phones.

Hi Eric. I have a refurbished insulin pump from Medtronic/Minimed. It is an older model a 712.

How did you go about getting it?  The Medtronic site didn't reveal any search results, and wasn't intuitive.  How was the savings compared to buying new, and was there any warranty?  My 511 gave out, it still accepts batteries, but doesn't keep settings.

Honestly Eric I didn't handle any of the details in getting my insulin pump my insurance did it all for me. I told them I was unable to pay for a new pump and they got me a pump that they could cover 100%, that is why it is an older model. This is when I was with Anthem Blue Cross. Since then I have switched insurance. Also when my pump experienced failure and I had to send it in for maintenance the pump they sent me was also a refurbished one. The best thing I can think of to talk with a rep at your insurance company and see if they offer similar a similar plan. Best of luck to you.

my pump is also refurbished. it's an animas ping. it only cost me $200 and did not go through insurance at all. i believe animas may have gotten rid of their program, but you can try to cruise their site and see if you can find something.