User experiences Phones & G6

I use Tandem t:slim paired with Dexcom G6. Not on my phone. I would like to get new phone at this time. My current phone is Samsung Galaxy S6 that is 6 yrs old. I’d like to hear experience of other Community Forum members with t:slim x2, G6 & phone they have paired with them.

I recently paired Tandem TCONNECT with my iPhone 8. Remember this is NOT the Dexcom app, but it does give me a very nice graph of my readings (I use my pump as my Dexcom receiver), and I can scroll down to easily see my pump settings as well. And since it transmits via wifi I won’t need to pull out a cable and my MacBook to download.
I didn’t think I would use it or like it as much as I do so is a very pleasant surprise. At the top I can also see my pump units and battery remaining (so I’m about to plug in). You can set phone alerts but I disabled those and get them from my pump.

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Dorie, I’m not familiar with TCONNECT.Graphics look good. I do download to Dexcom & my provider can view the reports as well. That way we can confer about changes to bolus & basal rates. Of course at times I adjust things to keep me out of high & lows. I have begun feeling ill at about 180. Of course we all hate the lows. So probably only need a phone that is compatible? We need new pc but I think another desktop with LARGE screen. Not looking at notebooks. I just put LARGE PRINT stickers on my large ergonomic keyboard. LOL I believe that gives pic of where I am with tech. Thanks for your comments. Will lookup Tandem t:connect.

Henry @Hen51, I use a Galaxy S10 which pairs easily, and nicely with both Dexcom ans Tandem. Three months ago I got the S10 as my first venture from a good old phone that just made and received calls.

BLE Technology [bluetooth] is the method for connection to both my t-Slim pump and my G6 transmitter - connectivity is really good every place throughout my house whenever I haven’t bothered to carry my phone with me. Actually, I have had “lost signal” on my pump which I leave on the table next to the hot-tub when I’m in therapy, but the pgone, which is not as close-by continues receiving readings from my G6. Go figure.

The phone UPLOADS my data seamlessly, via WiFi, to both Dexcom Clarity, and to Tandem t-Connect; it is still reguired that the t-Slim to be connected to a computer for DOWNLOAD of software updates.

Both the Clarity app, and the t-Connect app on android work well and very easy to read as well as providing more data [when expanded] than the corresponding apps on the computer. I really like the t-Connect app for the way it displays, when Control IQ is activated, basal actually delivered along with the percentage of change from the basal rate I have set in my Profile; a wonderful aid for subsequent pump adjustment tweaks.

When active on the phone, both Clarity and t-Connect mimic or duplicate pump alarms - and if you are as deaf as I am when hearing aids are taken out of ears [like when in hot-tub], the alarms from the phone are easier to hear than those from the pump - such a the “Fall-Alert” alarm. The Dexcom Clarity app alarms are more annoying than the Tandem e-Connect, in that Dexcom needs to be acknowledged on BOTH pump and then phone app; clearing an alarm on the pump will quiet the t-Connect phone alarm.

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Thanks. I had been considering an S10. Haven’t had call & receive phone for many years. I just told my sister I often do not hear pump alarms when asleep so like my bg around 110 at bedtime. I will take a look at S10 again. It is one of the current crop of phones that gets high marks from tech websites.

Hi Henry,
I too have the T-slim X2, G6 dexcom, and Galaxy S10e. Very satisfied with all three. Just recently downloaded t:connect to the phone. Pleasantly surprised with the info it gives. Have been using Samsung phones for quite a number of years. Very glad to be able to pair my phone to dex and pump, plus t:connect now. You can never have too much infor!!


Agreed Mary I will take all the info I can get. Technologically I am a rotary dial phone in a digital world.

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I also use the t-slim with the G6 and prefer to use my pump as my receiver. I think medicare does not allow me to use my iphone. Years ago I did pair it to my iphone but didn’t like being tied to the phone plus my pump. I especially like it now that I use control-IQ.

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Hi @jdjim. People should definitely use whatever they’re comfortable with, and like you I use my pump as my receiver. However I just recently paired my phone to my pump using Tandem’s TCONNECT app and was surprised how much I like it. When my Tandem rep recommended it and I told her I would rather use my pump as my receiver, she clarified that this was separate from Dexcom’s app.
TCONNECT’s app updates continuously so I no longer have to plug in my pump for periodic downloads; and I find the graphs easier to read on the phone screen. However, the TCONNECT app does give a warning not to use it for treatment decisions - I imagine (key word) there are approvals that apps must have for that purpose, and I’m guessing (key word) the Dexcom app has those while Tandem does not.
Again, not to question your choice. I just find it helped to make a distinction between the two. I was a little confused at first myself.

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