Using a Dexcom on an 8 year old

Does anyone have any experience using a Dexcom on their child? My 8 year old daughter has been having lows in the 40's and is still bouncing around and says she feels fine. Now that she is back to school and still having these lows I have been going crazy with worry. I spoke with our educator by phone and she is suggesting we go with a Dexcom.  I am thrilled to have a technology that will help us better manage my daughter's D but I am a little worried about how she is going to do with the CGM.  She is tiny and the only places we can use for her pump are her uppper thighs and her upper buttocks.  I am thinking we will have to use one of these sites for the CGM as well? Just wondering what other kids do and how they deal with carrying yet another device around with them.

Sorry for the delay, I kept meaning to respond back to your question earlier. The Dexcom has only been cleared by the FDA for use in adults. I know things have been a little harder for getting cleared for minors due to other issues with the FDA. So I am not sure where things stand fully with using the Dexcom on your child. You may be better off looking at the Medtronic, which I believe is cleared for use with children. Mind you I am not a huge fan of the Medtronic system and accuracy, it might be good to look into.