Using Two Transmitters

Double your pleasure, double you fun, two transmitters are better than one. La, La , La.....Lol!

OK, enough of that. I know a lady who has two transmitters. I developed a procedure similar to hers that gives me good numbers on the first day I start a new sensor. 

I think it was February when I called Dexcom and ordered a second sensor. I think it cost about $140, but I might be wrong. Does anyone know the correct cost? After 12 days with a sensor, I put the second sensor in a different place on my abdomen and attached the second transmitter. (I saved the codes for both sensors and put them in a safe place.) After 14-15 days with the first sensor, I stopped that sensor and entered the code of the second sensor on the Dex. Then I started the second sensor with the proper code and it already had 2-3 days head start. I started off with very good agreement between the Dex and my meter on the very first day.
I realize this was kinda far out, but I was annoyed when I had to wait a few days to have acceptable accuracy after starting a new sensor. I no longer had that problem.

Now fast forward a couple of months. I lost one of the sensors. DUH! I was happy I had another one on hand. Now I put my new sensor in place with my only transmitter after dinner, when my spike has ended and my numbers are stable. I do not eat any more food or have any exercise before bedtime. My BG is still steady at bedtime, so I start the new sensor at that time. The next day I have good agreement with my meter, but not as good as when I was using two sensors. I am tempted to buy another sensor. Maybe Santa will bring me one. Ho Ho Ho!!

Huh... I'd never thought of doing something like that before, but it makes sense.

Thanks for sharing, Richard!

Wow, that's way too much work for me! (: I agree it's annoying for the first 12 (sometimes 24 hours) of a new sensor, though. I change it on the weekend for that reason and just test more often the first day. Not ideal, but works for me...