Using your meter to test diet vs reg. soda

I read this today on a blog,  I have never heard of using your meter to test the soda at a restaurant.  It was mentioned and I tested the theory at home.  It did work, but has anyone else heard of this.  The regular coke promted my meter to read "high glucose",  the diet coke just caused a "strip errror". 

I was at Carabas the other night and I just knew they were bringing me regular coke, but the waiter wouldn't trust my taste buds.  Later that night and 2 refills later my bg was 248.  Next time I think I'll test it and show them my meter.  I guess it is one of those things to use at your own risk. 

Now we can prove that we are right!



thats interesting ive never heard of doing that. its a good idea, although test strips are a tad pricey so i dont know how often i would do that test. Im just always ask at least like 3 times if my drink is diet when im out. they may get annoyed with me but i like to double or triple check with them to make sure! 

That blog is  Sorry for the mistake.

I haven't used test strips, but I have heard of using keto strips.  I'm for sure going to have to try that!  Also, if my kids drank two REGULAR sodas...their blood sugar monitor would have read HI for sure!

I've heard of this from way back.  But really I can tell by drinking it.  If I take a quick slurp through the straw, I can taste the artificial sweetener vs the sugar.  After a while you can really tell. However, some of the fountain ones are trickier if they are running strong on the syrup.

thanks for the info.