Utah Regence BCBS

Hi Everyone,

My wife is a 26 year old T1D, who just switched insurance providers. We’re having major issues filling her Dexcom G6 prescription.

Our most recent insurance provider, SelectHealth allowed us to pick up our Dexcom supplies at any pharmacy of our choosing, which awesome. We are now on Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah, and couldn’t possibly hate it more.

We were told that we MUST use a “Durable Medical Supply” store to fill this type of prescription. We called 5 - 6 companies on their “in-network” list of suppliers, and none of them knew what I was even talking about when I mentioned CGM, Dexcom, or Durable Medical Supply.

I called Dexcom for Advice, and they said we should use Byram Healthcare, whom they partner with. The issue is that, they are not on my “in-network” list, and also they have 1 star on Google, out of 52 reviews! In Utah we are not able to purchase directly from Dexcom.

Is there anyone else here in Utah that has figured any of this out?

P.S. We are in the same boat with her T:Slim pump supplies, and getting worried as she slowly runs out of sites.

Please help!!!