If you live in Utah and want to find others that live in your area this is the place!

Yeah im the only one haha. wow that's sad.

Well you are the only one now! Maybe the rest of the Utah people didn't see this yet!

there are others on here? wow come on people hey who knows i probably went to utada with you. haha

I live in West Valley City Utah and my 10 year old son is Diabetic. I would love for him to meet someone else in our area with Diabetes.

i swear they need to bring back camp utada so your son can experience that. although there is a thing going on at some hospital for kids. it's put on by the ADA.

I live in Salt Lake City UT. I've been here since April 2007. I moved to Utah in August 2006. I would love to meet others from the area to talk to.


St. George UT ppls