Vacation and Diabetes

So tomorrow i am going to Minnesota to vist my family and my old house.I am super excited but one thing im worried about is my diabetes. Like we go to minnesota all the time but i never really used to care about my diabetes.. now i care alot about it. What do you guys do to prepare for trips? I always feel like since im on vacation im relazing and enjoying myself so i feel like im gonna slip up on my diabets ... any suggestions?

Do you still shower and brush your teeth on vacation?  I know it sounds like a stupid question, but checking your sugar and taking insulin are just a part of our routine like brushing your teeth.  I know there is nothing "routine" about T1, but taking care of it is. It is part of our lives and it doesn't take a vacation like brushing your teeth has no vacation time.  You control your diabetes, you shower, and you brush your teeth.  You can still have lots of fun and enjoy your trip doing the daily things you do at home.  Relax, have fun, and enjoy your trip!!  Pack extra of all of your supplies so there is no reason to worry about controlling your diabetes while away from home.  Best wishes for a safe and happy trip!!

Brian that is sooo ture! Thanks alot for that message :) and thnaks i will try to enjoy my trip :)

dont forget the insulin in the fridge! one time i wnt 2 puerto rico (i liv in nj) nd my dad lft da insulin in da fridge ( i didnt put it in der he took it w/o tellng me) and we 4got it! and anothr time i went on a carribean cruise and i 4got the insulin again! i guess the carribean dosen't like me having insulin with me

The packing extra stuff advice is right on.  Also, think through a typical day, and make a list of everything  you need/use.  Now, think of everything that could possibly go wrong (Insulin pens not working, needing to do more blood tests than normal, batteries dying in your meter, etc.) and make a list of what you'd need for that.  You'll do just fine!!  Have fun and let us know how you do.  :)

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Thanks :)

Just have fun Amber, I haven't been on a "major" vacation since I was diagnosed, but I went to my Aunt's house 3 hours away from me and I felt like I was forgetting something (D wise) and then I realized I didn't and it was second nature when we got there. I'm sure it will be the same for you!

The good thing, too, Amber, is that you are going to visit family in the US.  You aren't going on a cruise or someplace where you don't have access to a pharmacy.  If worse came to worse, you could head to the closest CVS/Walgreens/etc in Minnesota and get what you need!!

Good luck and have a great vacation!