Vacation from Animas Pump

Has anyone taken a "vacation" from their pump and gone back to injections for a few days?  I just took off my pump and am using lantus and humalog pens just because - its been 8 years on the pump, and I just graduated with my Masters Degree and kind of just needed a little break- also somewhat as a reason to "reconnect" with my diabetes as I've been so stressed and ignoring it for the last month finishing up with school and everything...  any advice on lantus and the pens?  Did you just take out the battery after writing down your settings to shut off the alarms? general advice or discussion welcome!!

First congratulations on your Masters!  I've taken a pump vacation a few times for beach holidays, but the last time I gave up after a few days and put my pump back on.  Because lantus has a constant basil rate (for the most part), I found I was compensating for this with this humalog.  I would set myself up to stabilize my BG at night, but during the day my basil rate changes significantly and I would have to give myself extra humalog.  I am sure that if I gave it a bit more time I would have figured it all out, I just wanted to enjoy the holiday. 

As for pens, I think they are great.  I use these for my son and they are very convenient.  Depending on how much Lantus you take, you may want to divide the dose over two sites.  I take 22 units and if I take it all in one site, some tends to leak out, even if I leave the pen in for 10 seconds after.  I just took two 11 unit doses and no leakage.  I am guessing this would be the same with a syringe.

I have an Animas pump and it held all the settings when I took the battery out, although I did write them down, just in case.

Good luck!