Vaccine Booster Shot

Hi Dorie,

Thanks for the support! I have seen 8 - 10 different endos and only one was willing to consider allowing me to go back to MDI, but he wanted me to stay on the pump for at least another year before he would consider it. I only saw him once, because I was not happy with that response. Now that I’ve seen so many others, I am thinking about going back to him. Better 1 year than the rest of my life!

Pam K

I’m astounded, but no more so than you. I mean, why does the doctor want you to stay for another year? I can see continuing for a short time but you could provide medical records for him to review. SMH… You sound like you’re taking it in stride at least. Hang in there.

PamK, the relationship between patient and endo in the USA is obviously very different to here in Oz. Here they are expert advisers, but they cannot and do not dictate what you should do. Yes the endo asks me at least once each year if I’d consider going on a pump, I give my polite but firm answer, then we move on to the next topic de jour.

Living with T1 is a complicated business. A farmer is happiest when he’s on the farm tending his cows, not when he’s in a suit and tie and sitting at a desk. A person with T1 is best when they are happy with what they are doing, not when they are forced to deal with something that they would prefer not to. So building on an earlier point I made, they are forcing you into a stressful situation and bingo, what do they think the stress is doing to your levels?

Or have they even considered that?

I also noticed high BGL for a few days after I received my booster. Since I am “old school”, I just increased my injections and monitored frequently. Over my 61 years with T1, I have seen several endos, but if they became “pushy” and refused to listen to my preferences, I would stop seeing them.


Hi. Have mentioned this previously, some of us have the insulin antibody thing, and MRNA vaccine messes the the immune system, so, if you find that you need more after shots or boosters, you probably should get tested for that condition, it makes BG control a real random adventure. I am double boosted, moderna, am taking 2.5 times what I used prior to our once a century pandemic, and there is no remedy known. And yes , we pay way too much.

@alex_of_oz and wadawabbit - Thank you both for your responses and your support. It’s great to know that there are other T1D’s out there who feel the way I do about pumping! I recently started with a new endo, due to new insurance. I’m hoping that he’s better than the others I’ve seen.

He says he’s going to help me figure out my carb ratio and sensitivity factor for Humalog. None of my previous doctors were willing to do this! They told me it was something I had to do on my own at home. Well, I’ve tried, and I think I am close (I’ve got my A1c down to 6.8-6.9 from 7.5-7.8), but I still need some help. So, I’m hopeful. I haven’t broached going off the pump with him yet. I’d really like to know these numbers before I do.

Thanks again to you both. Take Care!

Pam K.

My doctor prefers that I work with her when making changes. Let’s just say I’ve made some that were not as successful as I had hoped. I need to be more analytical in making them - after all these years I should do better! By all means work with your doctor and if you get to the point where you can do it on your own then go for it! I’m surprised your previous doctors left you to your own devices - no pun intended - and I’m flag you found one who will work with you.

I’m outside my pharmacy, getting ready to go in for booster #2. I had no ill effects from my first two shots so am hoping for the best.

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Given your long-term experience using insulin, Dorie @wadawabbit, I’m surprised that your doctors do not yield to you and tell you to make adjustments in basal rates as well as I:Cr, and ISF. You should know more than any doctor who does not live with diabetes.

I have always made my own pump adjustments and then share them with the doctor at regular meetings and tell her why and how I came to make the changes. When my first pump was prescribed, the doctor making the prescription - he was professor of endocrinology at the medical college - told me to read the manual and then set my pump profiles. The one “caution” he provided was that I should set the pump initially to provide only about 70% of the total insulin I was currently using with MDI. Occasionally after that, he might give me suggestions of tweeks I could consider making. Yes, the “Dr. Me” practice I’ve maintained since my first couple of years using insulin.

You would think so. I think I need to be more analytical when I do make my changes - or, although I change in small increments perhaps I’m still too aggressive and end up over-correcting and having the opposite problem than the one I started with. Maybe I need a refresher - sometimes I do something for such a long time I forget some of the minute details. Our it could be meant to keep my pride in check😊.