Valentine's Day Recipes

With Valentine's day upon us in a couple of days, do you have any low carb dessert recipes that you want to share? I love strawberries and whipped cream but I am not much of a baker. So, I would love some special treats that I can make my hubby on VDay! Please share!!

Hi Gina - I like smoothies alot, so here is how I do them -- Frozen fruit from the grocery store (they usually have non sweetened) I like strawberries and peaches, steviea (I get that at GNC- the non-bitter one)  for sweetness, and 1% milk for smoothness. Combine in blender and let it mix, you can tell if you have enough milk when it looks like the mixture is flowing good.  It usually takes about 2 minutes on high speed. The blender full is two helpings and watch out for brain freeze because they are wonderful.

At Walgreens this morning they had sugar-free Sweethearts!  

I didn't stop to look at the carb count, but they're sweetened with Splenda so it's probably low.

Almost everything on this site is amazing, including these Healthy Butterfinger Bars:

Another incredible site, and this recipe for Chocolate Pecan Pie Muffins, which I've also made:

Valerie! Those look D E L I S H!!!!!!!!!!!!