"valentines day"

i'm 22 and i have never "celebrated" valentines day, it doesn't really mean much if anything to me as I'm pretty "jagged" about love.

last year i was single, as were a few of my roomies and my friends..so we had a valentines day party..got totally wasted, ate lots of candy, played drinking games, dressed up and me/a roomie hung dirty/gross/funny pick-up lines written on hearts from the ceiling of the living room and kitchen...but it was just another excuse to have a rager and get drunk.

the year before that, i did what i normally do...sat around, had some beers and watched some comedy movie before bed after doing whatever during the day.

but this year, my current boyfriend asked if he should plan something & surprise me...i'm his first girlfriend(grade 1 & 4 don't count haha) so i'm like..training him i guess on how to be a good boyfriend(tho i like manly guys and am not your typical girl..so i donno how this will work out haha).

any suggestions? we watch a movie almost every night, we go out occasionally for dinner at a better-than-fast-food-place or to the movies, or to a show with some of my friends...but i donno what i should suggest for vday...i'm honestly not even sure what i would WANNA do as i've always found the holiday lame(but i'm usually single haha)....but he LOVES having an excuse to wear his suit!


what do you guys do for vday??

i haven't really 'celebrated' v-day either, even when i had a boyfriend. we would give each other a card.. and that was about the extent of it. valentine's is another day. if i really love the guy, i'm not just going to say it/express it just once a year. we never did anything special... whatever we usually did, which was watch/go see a movie and dinner. i can't remember ever getting flowers or a gift on v-day, which is fine. i don't necessarily see the point in buying a gift just because a holiday says you have to. i'm also not a normal chick though... heh heh. i don't like jewelry, flowers, or candy... to me, money spent doesn't equal love and seems like a poor way to express it. i just prefer time spent together.

although, if you're trying to train the boy... maybe having him take you out to dinner and do something fun together. i always liked to go bowling, or to a karaoke bar, or see a live band. but we did those things regardless of what day of the year it was.


hmm. maybe i'm just the worst person to try to advise you in this department. haha. i'm the least romantic individual.

haha same here. i'm not a romance kinda gal.

sadly, we don't have bowling here anymore! they got rid of both bowling alleys to build a superstore and a bigger walmart! I used to love drunk bowling..haha

with my last boyfriend we didn't really do much cuz he hated to travel(even driving 3hours to his hometown was too much for him) and he only liked to go to the bar and drink or stay at home with his brothers and drink..so i'm trying to do more normal stuff with this one, cuz he's into going out not just to drink. haha.

last night he mentioned hearing about this "be a tourist in your own town" thing we have every march where you get discount hotel rooms and a few restaurants. so i think we might do that cuz he sounded pretty interested and just make it a special date night instead of a vday thng haha.

we'll see what happens, either way we're not exchanging gifts cuz i agree with you there. haha.

just start doing shots and see what happens

haha drinking is not the answer to everything Pat :P

no but it's what some people do on Singles Awareness Day. I cheated on my diet and got a buffalo chicken & green pepper pizza (it rocked) and had a couple beers. :)

i forgot it was valentine's day. i was too busy alternately begging my computer to start up and cuddling on the couch with my imaginary boyfriend(s). it ended up being a good day. my parents made an impromptu road trip up here to see me (ok, not to see me... they wanted to pick up the harddrive). but i got a free dinner out of it.

we ended up in vancouver on saturday morning and didn't get back until sunday at like 10pm. we missed the couples yoga at his sister-in-law's studio he wanted us to do, but whatever. we're gonna do something special on another day. we're both epically broke cuz of the weekend(he also got a cellphone which didn't help his funds..but does make it easier for people to reach him. aka no longer calling me haha)

did you hang out with the olympians?

hah nope. we stayed away from downtown. my dad is in charge of the lighting at Robson Square so i was gonna try and go see him, but we didn't end up having time to skytrain down there. barely made it on the 7pm ferry, even tho we showed up at 430pm trying to get the 5pm!

Well, I'm late once again. If you plan to do something this year, maybe a trip to somewhere you both like, such as a beach or a favorite city?

I've been asked to a dance for valentines day, where the guy got into a fight with someone and I was so embaressed my face probably turned more red then the decorations.

Then this year I had a boyfriend and he said "Let's not do anything for valentines day Anni, I'm broke."

So I haven't really had very many positive experiences on valentines day... lol