Varying Insulin Needs for Hormones: Just Basal, or Bolus Too?

I'm starting my period today, which always means I tend to go low for a few days.  So as soon as I noticed those effects start, I adjusted my basal down 10%.  But I've noticed through the day that it seems to be my BOLUSES sending me low.  My dinner bolus sent me low enough that I drank TWO juice boxes and then had ice cream with a much-reduced bolus... and I checked a few minutes ago with concern that I'd been impatient and over-treated, but I'm only at 92!

Do any of you find that hormonal changes also call for different I:C ratios?

(On a related note, I had this random thought: The lunch and dinner lows happened fairly quickly, so maybe my fresh infusion site has absolutely STELLAR absorption?  I don't think that's what's causing this (it doesn't seem to be a carb/insulin timing issue), but could that happen?  Stumbling upon a site with absorption so much quicker than usual that it's inadvisable to wait that recommended 15 to 20 (mine's usually more like 10) minutes before eating?)

Elizabeth, this is a great question and I look forward to hearing what other people have to say!

I also go high before getting my period and low for a few days once it starts. Even after raising then lowering my lantus/basal amount, I almost always have to end up changing my meal ratios too to avoid post-meal highs, then lows. It is annoying b/c I feel like I'm constantly changing for half of the month!

(On a someone related note, that's why I hate when endos feel they can find the "perfect" ratios for you if they can see enough days of your BG's. Do they not realize it's more of a moving target??)