Vaxination affect you as diabetic

Hannah – so sorry to hear about your highs. Just read the other day ( Mayo clinic info) that CONSISTENT highs – over 300 — should alert you to possible ketoacidosis. So do notify your endo, see what they say. ( I had gone over 300 a number times, but not consistently---- still, this number has me scared and I will watch my numbers closely.) Easy to fix a low, unpleasant though it is.
Thank you for sharing the information.
Be well!

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Hi there! Yes, my endocrinologist nurse just reached out to me. My endo was just told it seems to be affecting Type 1’s more, so to add 5 carbs our meals. Hopefully, this will help it from rising too high and help out by normalizing it. It seems it has been affecting them from 7-10 days! I hope mine blows over soon because this Saturday will make 7 days.

Happened to me too but it was over the next day. No worries. Feeling safer!

I got my third full dose of Moderna yesterday. It was a rough night, but not as severe as after the second dose. I had aches, chills, sore throat and tossing and turning, but no headache this time. I’ve slept almost around the clock, except for meals. My BG has been between 100-140 the entire night. No extra insulin needed. It’s really bizarre that my CGM stayed pretty quiet last night.

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First shot of Moderna, had no problems. Second dose was like I had the flu. That night I was shivering under every blanket in the house and a heating pad. I fell asleep, then woke up a few hours later overheated. I kicked everything off and fell back asleep. A few hours later, I woke up to use the bathroom. As I stood up from the toilet, I passed out. I remember bouncing around the bathroom like a pinball before falling on and then off the side of the toilet. I came to to my partner frantic outside the bathroom, wondering what just happened. I was a little sore, but broke a chunk out of the toilet tank and left a hole in the wall from the lid hitting it.

I’d rather go through all that than die of COVID. But I wish there had been more research on the effect the vaccine has on Type 1’s and have been given some warning to the severe side effects. I could have taken more precautions. I’m really lucky I didn’t hit my head. I reported what happened to the CDC and said I’d get a call, but I never heard from them.

Had my first and second doses of Pfizer between February and March last year with no issues. Walked about 3 miles to get my booster at the end of September. Walked 3 miles home had lunch and then about 4 miles more. No issues other than a sore arm

. Your numbers are correct, that is what happened, I now have my booster, also Moderna, and insulin requirements have not returned to what they were. Someone suggested B1 and B7, I am taking them now, 2 weeks, and there has been some reduction in insulin , it is now about double what I was taking. Robert Osthues T1D 66yrs.