Lately I have been a BIG supporter of peta and being anti-animal crulty. Is anyone out there Vegitarian, Perscitarian (no red meat) or Vegan? dose it effect your diabetes? Let me know :)

I'm vegan, didn't really notice a difference in sugars after switching though.

where's happy vegan when you need her? maybe she'll come back... i'll let her know you have questions :o)

vegetarian! no, it really doesn't affect my diabetes :)

I braely eat meat but I am not a vegetarian...I have tied to give up meat all together but find soon as i label myself all i want is wings and a cheesburger lol... but besides that I prob eat meat once every few weeks and no it doesnt effect my blood sugars.. i try to eat mostly organic, natural meat free foods and find it helps me feel better overall.. but I do def eat bad sometimes lol :O)

I think if you subsitute the meat with some other form of protein that helps to break sugars down as well. Like tofu for example. I don't eat much meat either. Maybe you can ask your doctor or nutritionist better food options for you if you are serious about becoming a Vegan.

I don't know what I would do without meat... I don't know if it's the best alternative but when I'm hungry and can't afford to eat carbs, haha I'll eat any kind of protein/meat I can find because it doesn't really affect my numbers...

thanks everyone! i was just wondering because my friend (who is vegitarian) her numbers ever since she was DX'd were everywhere. she actually got D from  e coli

There are definitely researched benefits to eating fewer animal products (among other reasons to consider a switch in diet), but it may not be a magic bullet in terms of daily bg. If you're looking for more info, PETA's vegetarian starter kit is here and more vegan info is at

vegetarian, right here. (:  my bloodsugars are always real low, i don't know if it is because of being a vegetarian or what. how high and how low do your friend's blood sugars get?

I am vegetarian, not vegan.  I eat eggs and don't avoid milk products.  The biggest issue with being vegetarian is how/what you eat.  If you use meat substitute products, peanut butter, lentils, boca burgers, etc, you need to be aware that they are typically higher in carbs than meat. There are exceptions, tofu, for example that are low in carbs.  I became vegetarian about 10 years ago.  I did not notice any difference before and after.  Yes, you should talk to a dietitian and probably your doctor, but you should be aware that there are certain health care professionals that will tell you that it isn't good for you.  There are entire cultures that are mostly if not entirely vegetarian.

Good luck!

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vegetarian, right here. (:  my bloodsugars are always real low, i don't know if it is because of being a vegetarian or what. how high and how low do your friend's blood sugars get?


hers go REALLY low normal low for her is lik 30-ish and a typical high for her is 350-ish


I'm a Vegetarian myself. I do eat fish and eggs though. My numbers were always okay, because I tried to balance things out. Many people I know that have given up meat, start to carbo load. That can cause erratic numbers. French fries, pizza, mac and cheese. All things that throw sugars out of whack. When done with proper planning and counting, things will be great and easy.

I was a vegetarian (although I ate fish occasionally) for 10 years before moving to France and finding it easier to eat meat. I'd say that it's not a good option just to tighten BG's -- you're still eating carbs. But, if you are doing it for other health or ethical reasons, it shouldn't hurt your BG's as long as you continue to carb count correctly.