Venting about Parents

I’ve been getting quite annoyed lately. My dad, who, for the record, has had type 2 diabetes at one point, is always, always pestering me about my diabetes. He’s constantly asking me what my blood sugar is or if I had enough insulin or why I’m not eating or why I am eating. For some reason, he thinks I can’t handle my diabetes or something and it’s bothering the crap out of me. Like, I can still not eat one, single meal, especially if my sugar is high, if I’m not hungry. Somehow, he’s convinced I’m going to die of a low blood sugar if I don’t eat for a couple hours.
Not only that, but if I feel or look sad or lonely or bored, he’s always asking me if I’ve checked my sugar. Like, yeah, my sugar can mess with my emotions sometimes, but it’s usually my emotions messing with my sugar. Plus, I’m a teenager, I get sad sometimes.

You don’t need to respond to this or anything, I’m just kinda venting about this.

Hi @warriorkit,

You said that I didn’t need to respond, but I want to. I think that I may know where you are coming from - I’ve been there, except when I was in my teens with diabetes there wasn’t any such things as blood tests other than what was done in hospital.

First off, it can be good to have someone concerned about your well-being, but on your terms and to the extent that YOU WANT someone’s input. I have a couple of pretty good posters that I can send you [from Joslin Diabetes Center] entitled “What to Say, What NOT to Say” to a person with diabetes. I don’t know how long you have had T1D, but as a teen YOU should know when you are hungry and need or want to eat - in a nice way, remind your parents of this. And as you know, T1 and T2 are not the same condition and are managed differently - and “managed” is the key word here; and it is YOU who will need to manage your T1 for many, many years.

You know that T1 is managed by diet, activity and insulin and that YOU must find the balance that fits you best while being aware that a change in one of these three “tools” affects the others - sure, experiment and find what works best. Eat a good healthy diet that fits you, stay fit and ENJOY life.

I may have said too much here, or too little - keep posting and asking questions. Let us know how you are doing. We can talk anytime.


Thanks so much for the advice, Dennis! And, if you want to know, I’ve only had T1D for 4 years as of this coming month. I’ve been trying this whole time to find out what works best, but my sugars are still quite irregular. I can’t seem to find the right amount of insulin yet. I do try to keep it all under control. Thanks again for the advice, it really does help :slight_smile:


Hey @warriorkit,

Reading your post was like reading my own diary from being a teenager. I didn’t have a parent who was diabetic, but mine still asked me similar questions. Looking back, I realize that even though it seemed really annoying at the time, it also reminded me that my parents cared about how my diabetes was doing. And eventually I told my parents that instead of asking me how I was doing, I preferred to come to them when I needed help. Maybe this is something you could try? Starting the conversation with something like, “Hey dad, it means a lot to me that you care about how I’m doing, I think it would be better if you let me come to you if I have concerns”.

I think the reason that it bothers you so much, is that being a teenager AND having diabetes is really tough. It sounds like you’re having a little difficulty balancing out your insulin needs, which is totally normal at your age. On top of being a teenager who is going through a lot of growing, and changing, you are also female, which adds a whole different set of hormones that mess with your blood sugars. I promise it gets better. Soon things will start to even out and you will notice that it gets easier to control those crazy sugars. Also, you are a typical teen in that you don’t eat at set times, or you aren’t hungry at particularly regular intervals. No big deal, we all learn to adjust our schedules and doses to match our lifestyle. However, for your dad, this probably doesn’t make sense because he has been taught to eat at set times, and eat certain things. Like Dennis stated, Type 1 and Type 2 are handled very differently. I wish you the best of luck in balancing things out! And please know that us parents really do mean well, we just get a little carried away sometimes :wink:

hey i know where your coming from my mom is the same way always asking did you do carbs ,check your sugar ,did insulin pump site . its annoying i know but its just there only looking out for you yeah we are teenagers and need to get use to doing stuff on are own and learn from are mistakes. i been haveing type 1 since i was 12 im now 18 so i understand where you coming from. yes are suagrs can mess with are emotions and are emotions can mess with are sugars but we are teens so its normal to be emotional and all its part of being teenagers. i dont eat much or i dont eat at all because i got stomach problems where i get full easy and my food dont digest so all i do when i cant eat or dont feel hungry is check sugar and depends what it is ill either drink a lil of something or a eat bar. but we a old enough to know what we need to do and when we need to do.
yasmin <3

Hello dear…I’m too a T1D with a bit lot of experience :wink: I got ma T1D when I was 4 and now I am 23 :slight_smile: During my childhood I dont remember my dad or mom being much concerned about my sugar levels but when I have entered my high school they have started so because its from then I took control over myself totally. And you know 1 thing …My Mom even gets up at 3 A.M to check if my sugar level is normal because I get hypos even :confused: Just think of her :frowning:
And a small advice to you is that instead of getting annoyed thinking about your dad hanging around you with such questions…take it the other way thinking you have got someone who cares you more than yourself <3 Wont be that more lovely and heart-warming :wink:
Stay Cool and Healthy <3