Venting again

i was jst wonder who everyone gets people to show them that diabetes isnt like aids or anything cuz ever time i get close to someone they act like there gona get it and they drift away

those people are the dumbasses that aren't worth knowing anyway.

if you take the time to educate someone, or at least just tell them the basics in a couple minutes, and they still act like you're contagious, then that's their fault. there are plenty of good people out there who want to be your friend, fred. don't bother with the closedminded folk. their opinions don't matter anyway ;o)

true but its like everyone in my school is like that except for a couple of people and its like i chase away everyone that actually understands me

do you think it's the diabetes that's chasing them away or something else? if they truly understand you, the diabetes won't make them run away. could there be something else pushing them in another direction?

i'm not trying to imply anything. i'm just curious is all.

idk to be honest with ya i took r football team to state i work hard im at school at like 6 in the morning trying to make myself better then people invite me to do thing with them they jst ignore me

sometimes high school kids can be very cruel and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with you. do you have ways to make friends and/or meet people outside of your own high school? maybe a new group of people will be best for you.

i try but with sports its really hard football basketball and baseball its hard to find friends and when i do everyone flipps out that im not hanging with them

it takes an effort on both parts to make new and keep old friends.

ya ur probly right

i know this chat is supposed to be not "diabetes" related but I feel for you.  My  son is in 7th grade --13 yrs old and we have had problems with kids "feeling" like he is treated "special"--.  You know what I mean--like when he is high / low--he has to go to the office---run laps outside--while they take a test.  Or he has to rest...yada yada yada.   He does have a great school that helps him and great friends BUT we do have problems too.  Please get back with me --I need support right now and hearing your story helps.

well first of all is he involved in sports that helped me alot and when i catch the winning touchdown in the state champion ship that proved to everyone that i was the same

I never really had that problem… Not that I know of any way. But if the people I’m hanging around understand diabetes some what I find what helps is to joke about it. I’ll joke about how crazy I sometimes act when I start getting low. Or make up lame excuses that make no since at all, like I can’t ride that bike- I’m a diabetic. When everyone including myself know that I can. I dunno it works for me, people like to laugh.

ya i do that too but they wont let anything go like this thing that happened in 5th grade there still talkin and makin fun of me for and in a senior in hi school

Hi! im in 8th grade and i understand what you mean. most of the time i try not to get the kids involved. like when i go to the nurse and they ask why im like its doesnt matter i will be fine. its really none of there buisness. i only tell my real friends! please let me know if this helped...

ya little

ya little