Venting over Accidental missle threat

Hi I live on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii and this morning the entire state was sent a mass alert warning us of a ballistic missle heading or way and that it was not a drill! It was such a terrifying experience. I have four daughters and my 12 year old is a t1d. I’m on the verge of tears looking at all her supplies praying we have enough. Now 38 minutes later we are told that someone at civil defense accidentally pressed the wrong button and there was no missle. Now don’t get me wrong i am so thankful there was no missle but the fear and panic it caused is something I never hope we have to experience again! And why did it take so long for them to correct it!!

@Kaimana04 hi Chanel,
Part of my responsibilities at work are to plan for disaster recovery in the area of utilities. When I think about how dependent we are on electricity and communication, it is clear that in the event of any real disaster, things could go from “sunshine and rainbows” to “very bad” in seconds.

The lesson for me is to do the best job I can in planning, and then use all options to restore the situation as best I can. This even works for diabetes, I try to keep a level of supplies in the event that things get very bad.

During Hurricane Sandy, my locality lost all power for 12 days. You couldn’t get gasoline either, because most stations in my area needed power to pump gasoline. Cell towers stopped when the generators ran out. Result: Total mess for North Eastern New Jersey. I can’t even begin to think of the issues in Puerto Rico the last few months.

I try to use the strategy of being prepared and having supplies on hand at home, and when I travel. Believe me, I got nothing in my kit for a nuclear disaster, but I do have a couple of items for contingency.

Look, you lived through this and it can be a life lesson if you see it through. sorry they scared the %@%#@ out of you. I would have been scared as well. hope you are ok for today.

Hi Chanel @Kaimana04,

relate to how you must have felt when you got that text. I can remember when I was in my innocent years after the war when the air raid sirens would blare in those days after the war 1946 - 1955 and we would have to run, for shelter and get off the streets into the nearest building we could find - hopefully one with the nuclear symbol on the outside wall because those building had emergency supplies stocked. It was especially scary at school with 40 little kids in each class scrambling to get under desks.

I will probably be yelled at for saying this, but I think yesterday’ alleged mistake was a real blessing. It was a strong reminder to be prepared.

Like @joe said, we must have adequate diabetes supplies at all times. I know that I have what I need - I rotate the stock regularly - and can grab it at a moment’s notice - living in hurricane evacuation Zone 5 has helped teach me.