Not meaning to offend anyone who has or cares about someone with Gestational Diabetes... I have had a few close friends who have had it too... but on my message board on another site it is that time in pregnancy when all the non D people are taking glucose tests and some are getting GD... just kinda sick of all the "whining" i do realize it would be really hard to all the sudden have this thrown at you and be worried about it with pregnancy, but jeez at least it will go away in a few months! We type 1s will be dealing with it the rest of our lives! We can't reverse it, make it better, or pop out a little one and go back to normal... maybe I'm not irritated with the GD I'm irritated that there is no quick fix for us type ones :( Anyways, hope everyone is doing well!


Ha!  You reminded me that when I heard other pregnant women stressing about their glucose tolerance tests I was relieve to not have to worry about it.  One of the few things you don't have to stress over as a type 1 mom-to-be.  =)

LOL!!!! I agree! I was just telling my husband the other day about this story- A woman with GD was talking to me and said her post meal number was 195 and she was freaking out and panicing and ready to cry. I was like... Calm down. I have a high 100, sometimes even 200, post meal number all the time. I just take a correction dose and then re-check my blood. Not that big of a deal. I don't really like to see my BG get that high, but it happens. I'm not devastated unless I have a really horrible spike like 300-500. Then I'm worried!