OK I have been reading about the Delica Lancing Device so I thought I would give it a try. I called our Pharmacy (you know the chain that claims to be on every corner. ). I reached the pharmacist (no not the assistant or helper). I asked if they carried the Delica Lancing Device and Lancets and they said no but they could order them. He gets back on the phone and said they were available in a box of 100. I said great - I would like a box and asked if it came with the Device. He said what device. I said the device that the lancets go into that allow them to work. He said there is no such device. I then got frustrated and asked how he thought diabetics were to put the lancets into their fingers. I asked him to check again and said there must be something on the computer that shows the device (I even told him I have looked online and it comes with 10 lancets). So as I explained to mr. Pharmacist - you have a box with a device with 10 lancets which is about one and a half days of use. Diabetics then need more lancets to put in the device and that is why it is showing as a box of 100. He said well there is no device - I then asked if he was familiar with diabetes and equipment and he said "Of course I am". I then said (sorry not in a nice way) well if you were as knowledgeable as you claim you would know about the difference between lancets and a lancing device. At that point he told me they did not a lancing device and hung up.

I called another pharmacy and asked and the girl who answered said yes, we have both the device and the lancets. I guess I should have understood but if your going to say you know all about diabetes then that is something you should be pretty familiar with.

Another day in the life of diabetes LOL.

haha, they just expect us to shove sharp objects into our fingers the way they come packaged. My boyfriend tells me all the time he would rather take a knife to his finger rather than using my lancet. He's a sissy!

Over Thanksgiving, my device broke while I was away from home, and I also had trouble finding a pharmacist who knew what I was talking about. Strange! Finally, the 2nd pharmacist and the 2nd pharmacy found me a cheap one to get by until I got home. I'd also think this is basic knowledge!

P.S. I haven't heard of that new system. What's different about it?

I wonder if these people are really not just "technicians" and not pharmacists.

My daughter has tried the Delica and not had much luck with it.

The lancets are thinner so they are less painful.

I saw them in CVS tonight by the way.