Ventingg, bleh

so i am just gonna write down everything i hate about diabetes right here. 


-i hate how i feel like a human pin cushion

-i hate the weird looks i get when i give myself needles or test myself in public

-i hate it when nothing can cure my thurst

-i HATE eating when i am not hungry

-i hate it when people are concerned about what my blood sugar is 

-i feel like i still have not accepted the fact that i have diabetes(i got it june 6th 2006) so i really hate it when people remind me i have it. cuz in my perfect world in my head i do not have it.

-i hate it when i look like a fatty eating everywhere.

-i really hate doctor appointments, they stress me out like you have no idea,

-logbooks=stupidlyy annoying so i usually just fill it out the day before my endo appointment for the last 2 weeks

-"is that your cellphone?" --no explanation required.

-insulin smells HORRIBLE.

-"how is your sugar?" ----"FINE!" frigggg. 

-i hate thininking that i am going to have this for the rest for the rest of my life

-i realllly hate accepting things i do not want to accept.

-there are probably many more things i hate but i can not think of them atm. 

-oh yeah-  i hate putting my hand in my purse and stabbing myself with open needles. ouch, guess that is my fault but w/e.




i understand where you're coming from, kayla. i oftentimes feel the same way. we are here for you :o) sometimes, we all need a little friendship and support to help us through those really rough times. let us help you when we can. living with diabetes is tough - we all know how difficult it can be. you are a strong young woman. don't give up the fight yet. :o)

If I were you, I would look into getting a pump.  It was such a freeing experience to think that it is okay to not take shots everytime I eat.  I'm the same way with jotting down results the night before an appt. and being anxious.  Diabetes is no fun and I hope you feel better after getting your feelings out.


I liked reading your post since my son is 7 and not expressing these feelings yet, but I'm sure he has them.  I am usually pretty casual with him, but after a scary low bs yesterday I felt the need to keep asking him if he is okay, etc.  His dad is a lot more casual about it.  Eating when you don't feel like eating, I get your feelings.  Try to find something with the points you need that is in a drink or low-fat.


I know what you mean about people staring at you.  I personally don't care.  And actually those same people will stare at anything that's different from "normal", like if you are from another country or wearing some religious clothes, or anything like that - they just have bad manners no matter what.


I also get it since at teenager years it is already a really rough time and this probably makes it way worse.  But again those same people who give you a hard time you wouldn't want as friends anyway.  It will get better later in college/university when you meet real people, mature, and open-minded in a career setting.


Good luck, and I will try not to be so nagging with my son or talking about the blood sugar all the time - too irritating i guess.


Take care,


Joanna (mom of Hamza)

I always thought the smell was the rubber tip of the pen. I didn't realize it was the medicine. That must mean there is medicine left over on the tip.

Is that sanitary and should we wipe the tip to clean it with alcohol?

It smells like band-aids.


TOTALLY get the pin cushion feeling. 

Eating while full=NO fun.

Yes, insulin is an awful smell.  Bleck  But it keeps us alive.

It is annoying when people want to ask if you can eat something or ask what your sugar is, and there are times it is easier than others to be an advocate for people that don't know about it.  But they care enough to ask. 

Life with diabetes is still life.  Even when you're annoyed with it, keep that in mind.  :-)

i totally agree  my mom is pretty good however mygram is horrible!!!! i really dont like eating when you arent hungry either

Thank you, kay, for posting that.  Our son never complains but I'm sure he feels all those things and your post reminds me the things I can say (or NOT say) to make it a little more bearable for him.  Luckily he has a doctor who doesn't make him keep track of anything as long as his A1c is below 7 and is very understanding of teenagers overall.

Yes! And you forgot to add when people say your emotions are because of your blood sugar, when actually you are mad/sad/ect and your sugar is fine.

Are you my long lost twin???? EVERYTHING you wrote here is exactly how I feel. Especially the logbook thing and the not accepting it yet (I've had it since August 2001). It also sucks that everyone I hang out with DON'T have diabetes but of course they think they know EXACTLY how you feel.....  

i know howyou guys feel about people nagging an you all the time. i hav a grandma that is allways bothering about what i can and cant do. see my grandma lives in colorado and has type 2 diabetes. but when i go viset her she thinks i have to do every thing she does.  

it derives me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i alway tell her its not the same but she doent listen

But what really gets on my nervers is she doent even take car of her oun diabetes and she thinks she can tell me what to do with mine.

I think reading this post just made my day. It makes me feel so normal than what I'm used to feeling around the non-diabetics.. The insulin smells like a nursing home to me .. yuck! Just remember that there are people who are like you and feel the SAME way about this disease that you do !  (:

haha i actually had to laugh at some of the things, i keep an insertion set in my purse in case i have an occlusion or something at school, i've stuck myself multiple times, also when i go to my encroonologist she takes hours, and literally hours, to just get in a room, then another hour to have an appointment with you, she's an awesome doctor, but appointments literally take half the day, and the cell phone thing, that's all the comments i got my first year of having the insulin pump , i've had it for three years now and still get some. fun and interesting life when youre diabetic huh? well just look on the positive outlook of things

- getting out of class for lows/highs-

-faking your high or low to get out of a test or something

-getting your least favorite teacher in trouble for letting them think it's your cell phone and telling the principle that you tried telling them it wasn't youre cell phone but they wouldn't listen


always try and look on the bright side of things, but i admit venting is very nice, i'm so thankful for this website, no matter how hard you try to explain or how hard others try to understand they'll never understand fully and only feel bad for you, never know what you're actually going through and know what you mean.

I hope, Allie, you're really not using your diabetes to do those things because it hurts the credibility of REAL problems with diabetes.

I HATE HATE HATE the smell of insulin. Idk if it is just me, but when I dial up a big dose (like 10 units since that's all my pump will let me take at once) I get the taste in my mouth too. That how it was with lantic for me as well. Anyone else?