Today when we wer on our way home, I asked my mom something, We end up gettnig into a diagressment. I am 15 years old almost 16 and my mom thinks that I need to have someone watch over me when she is not around. If is not my mom or dad. It is my brothers or my aunt or my uncle or someone that I know is always here watching me. I know that I can take care of my self. There maybe times that I need someone to watch me but not every were I go. I cant have a life without my mom or dad being there with me. And I for one do not like it at all. I would love to have a life for ones in my life. But No I cant have a life cause I am a Diabetic and someone is always watching over me. And I would love to have some space. I think it is bad that I have to live aross the hall for them and I cant have a door to my room cause I might lock it. Thanks for letting me vent. I love Juvenation for that reason.

I have always felt the same way, But my parents KNOW i am the only person that knows how i am feeling. Wether it be Low or High. And they don't know a single thing about my daily routine. Having someone around all the time is a nice thing. But i do agree it does stink to have people on watch your every move. Go hang with friends. Tell your parents you know more then they do. As YOU are the person with Diabetes, and THEY are not (if they are diabetic then my bad). Just tell em you need your space like they all do, and that you are a young adult. And that YOU need your space. But also see it through their eyes. They are just worried something bad could happen to you. (My parents for one know that no matter what i can control myself better without them giving me a GIANT thing of Stress, as it just makes things worse)

All you can personally do is Talk to them. Tell em your side and all, and hear theirs. And come to some-what an agreement on something. Wether it be giving you more space or them just letting you live your life. 

(I know you were venting but hope this helps, plus you aren't alone... Trust me my parents were on my case until i became Diabetic now they leave me alone.. They still support me they just don't jump on me for everything)


I'm the same age as you, and my parents act the same way. I always try to explain to them that i'm capable of taking care of myself but they don't listen....When i read this post, i was glad that there was someone in a similar situation who felt like i do :p


I wish that i had some advice for you or something, but like i said i'm in the same situation so i don't. Maybe it will help just seeing that someone understands how you feel.

Hi Jaimie,

     I totally understand your need to vent, I still remember when I was diagnosed (at 23) and my family members would say, "do you need to eat", and it would irritate me to no end!  At 23, I was already living on my own, but when I was with them they would still do that, and I would say, "It's a wonder I don't fall over dead the 99% of the time you're not here!"  Now, as a mom, I've raised 2 teen-age daughters, so I can understand why they are worried about you; that's just the way mom's are, and having a child with diabetes would make it even harder to feel they are safe.  You need to be very mature in your understanding of that, because you'll need all the calmness and maturity you can muster when you talk to them about it.  (Which I really think you need to do!!)  You need to put them at their ease a little bit and ensure them that you will leave the door to your room unlocked when you sleep, but you prefer they knock anytime they enter.  Because at 15 YOU NEED A DOOR TO YOUR ROOM!!!   I can't even believe that you don't have one.  Now if you're a kid that takes drugs, steals, skips school, etc, then okay, punish you!  But if you're only "crime" is being a diabetic, then they need to stop punishing you for it.  Again, when you talk to them, be calm -- screaming just pisses us off!  Show them your mature side. 

Good Luck!


Thanks guys for you advice. I told my mom that i need a door, cause my brother came into my room and i was not happend about it. I ill try to talk to my mom and tell her. Thanks again Guys

Speaking as a parent I understand why everyone always wants to keep an eye on you.  My daugher Diana who is 6 was just diagnosed in January and I feel the same way.  I feel as if no one is capable of taking care of her except me and sometimes I feel as if I am not even capable of taking care of her.  Have you shown your parents that you can control the diabetes on your own?  If so, you need to point this out to them.  I think that if they see (or are pointed out) that you can handle this yourself they may start to give you a little space.  I just hope I can remember all of this when my daugher is a teenager.  Good luck.

Thanks Klostien, I have been takeing care of my diabetes. I check when I need to. I am not told to test.

I called my father every morning when living on my own, until I married. After divorce, I began calling my sister, just to let her know I was up. One day when I did not call I was found unconscious on the floor.  I am thankful for family that cares~ although them stalking a 43 year old woman 24 hours a day with phone calls gets old :)