Vertex Pharma trial

Maybe a future cure……

Yes Susie @Sqduarte this did work for one person. Much better information is supplied, with cautions, directly from Vertex.
I volunteered for this experiment, answered plenty of questions, but did not end up “as chosen victim”. I’m waiting now to see how this feller did, and for how long his beta-cells will survive and continue working.

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this therapy requires anti-rejection drugs, for the patient’s remaining lifetime, which will very likely suppress (among other things) the beta cell re-attack or the root cause of t1dm. it’s nice to know that if the root cause can ever be addressed - that insulin producing cells can be re-established.

@Dennis in your posts I’ve read that you have participated in many trials. I’m curious - how many would you say you’ve been in, if you don’t mind my asking? Apologies for straying off topic😱.

That is an interesting question Dorie @wadawabbit and one for which I can’t give an exact answer; I have participated in many diabetes related trials and experimental management methods and device testing. Three of the events involved significant “body invasion” way beyond just supplying my blood several times per day fir laboratory testing.

In this case, I’ll accept the “Off Topic” in that it will permit me a window for encouraging ALL MEMBERS OF THIS FORUM to enroll as a volunteer in as many trials and experiments as possible - or at a minimum sign up for notification of trials, read the qualifications and apply when possible. It has become extremely important for us humans to participate since our “friends” at PETA crippled medical development. I receive at least one Diabetes Trial Notification every couple of weeks from various sources, but unfortunately, being over 80 I age out of inclusion or because of my survival duration.

As today’s JDRF email message read today Volunteers are desperately needed if better diabetes treatments, or even a cure, are to be found. I certainly hope that there are some people who can actually read the letters sent to them by the sponsor of this Forum - here is an extract from today’s message with a link to become a volunteer:

From: Sanjoy Dutta, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, JDRF

To: * You

Thu 5/19/2022 12:01 PM

Clinical trials can pave the way to cures and easier management of type 1 diabetes (T1D). When you participate in a trial, you can help turn research breakthroughs into accessible therapies and technology that change lives.

Currently, we’re funding more than 50 clinical trials focused on treating and curing T1D. With the support of trial participants, we’re discovering first-time evidence of how stem cell-derived beta cells, once implanted in humans, can provide insulin independence.2 And many of our ongoing trials are pioneering developments that can lead to cell replacement therapies as well as other potential cures that will help millions of people with T1D.

That’s why I’m asking for your help. The longer it takes to fill clinical trials, the longer we have to wait for outcomes that can help people living with T1D. By participating in a clinical trial, you’ll advance life-changing efforts that can potentially help you and others. Sign up today >>


I volunteered to participate in this study and was not accepted because my A1C was less than the threshold for the study. They kept me on a list in the event the A1C threshold drops below 6.4 - it is currently at 7.0.

I saw a response from Dennis and I have a similar approach to apply for studies that I think can benefit the T1D community and provide me with hope for a cure in the future. I encourage everyone who is healthy enough and willing to participate to do so.

If you are interested in more information on the study, here is a link I received from the company: About the Study | T1D Study.

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If it requires anti rejection drugs I am not interested. Maybe advances have been made, but I had a brother-in-law who got a kidney transplant in the 90s. The drugs had a lot of side effects and made him feel bad. Some people just stop taking them. I’d rather put with with the shots etc than deal with that. He ended up dying anyway.

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@DDrumminMan totally agree, anti-rejection drugs = “non-starter” for me. If I needed some kidney or other transplant at the same time, then, for me, it would be a consideration. .

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