Vertigo - Complication

I am a T1 for 39 years, insulin pumper since March 2000. I have had vertigo off and on for a number of years controlled with Antivert. Since January of this year it has gotten worse. My head feels funny all the time even when I am not "dizzy". I feel off balance all the time. It has really started to impair my quality of life. Next Monday I will go to the ENT office to have an ENG ran. I am not looking forward to it but hoping it will provide some answers for me. The ENT mentioned that he thinks that it could be a neurological problem as a result of the many years I have had diabetes. Anyone else had a similiar experience like this?

On some very rare occassions, I will get short term virtigo symptoms. But they never last for to long.

Good Luck AnitaD. I hope a sollution will come from your ENT.


hmm, i had vertigo ONCE this year.. but i think it was from a headcold that messed up the crystals in my inner ear.. hope they get this sorted out for you, i know when i had it i wanted to cry it was SO brutal!!

If your taking lisonipril or any high blood pressure med as a kidney protector its very likely to experience vertigo especially when standing up too fast. I know with me my blood pressure is already low so because I have to take this high bp med it drops pretty low. I was stooped over the other day at a Walgreens looking at something on the bottom shelf and when I stood up I almost fell over so I went over to the bp machine and sure enough it was 95/62.

Tina F T1 since 1977

Hi Anita,

    This is how it started about 2 years ago with me, only I started passing out.  The doctors told me that I had autonomic dysfunction from being T1 for 28 years.  My BP would and still drops even with the meds to bring it up.  Also, when it is hot, I am usually worse.  The docs told me that this is a rare disease and usually diabetics don't get it.  I had numerous testing which all was fine (EEG, ENT sent me to do the vertigo testing, ULS of veins, etc.).  The only test that I did not pass was the tilt-table study, that's when I was diagnosed, but my cardiologist is great, he recommended everything he could to figure it out.  Also, the neuro did a nerve test for neuropathy, but that was fine & painful.  If you need someone to talk to, I am here.

I also failed the tilt table exam after similar symptoms, and was diagnosed as having orthostatic hypotension. I cannot even get up in the morning (mornings are worse) without balancing against a wall or I will fall over. I did not think it was related to my T1 at all, but i guess it could be? I find that when i drink a cup of coffee / caffeine in the morning it helps to expand my blood vessels and my dizzy spells go right away.

I have been struggling with this for about 2 and a half years now. Evertime I mention it at an appt with my endo he talks right over it. It has been hot and muggy in Toronto, Ontario Canada for the past few days and I have been horribly dizzy! I just blacked out when I got up to go to the bathroom. Thank you for discussing this! My husband is making me a coffee and I will discuss it with the DEC nurses while I am at the hospital on Thursday!