Very weird

Okay, so my husband just called me at work to tell me that on the radio one of the airports contacted authorities because of a questionable package.  One of the people who unloaded a mail carrier plane noticed that one of the packages was really beat up so he decided to open it the rest of the way and inspect for damage.  Well when he opened the box it was full of human heads!!!  When the authorities came and tracked down who it came from and where it was going they found out that the package full of heads was headed to Texas for Medtronic.  I know they do other medical related things other than pumps but why on earth would they need human heads???????


maybe they are making super humans and need brains? or maybe they need them to feed their zombies?

Maybe Medtronic is devising a way to turn us all into Robot Zombies.  Ooooh... that would make a good movie!  Or band name.

But seriously..... ew.

Hey Batts thanks for the link.  Very disturbing.

thats so weird! the black market for body parts! eww.