Vibrating watches

I've been looking at vibrating watches on Amazon.  The more my son gets used to be a diabetic, the harder it is to remember to test  2 hours after meals, etc.  (But an alarm going off in class would be distracting.)  Anyone use one?  Any recommendations?  Is this a stupid idea?  I'm just going to suggest it to him and let him look around to see if there is something he would like.  But I want to see what the experienced folks thought.

Vibrating watches!!! That would be a INSANELY awesome idea!!!but i have yet to see win

I set my phone...

Hi Angie - prior to the pump, I just kept a watch with multiple alarms to remind me - One of those timex Ironman watches that worked really well for me.  Anything you see as long as it has multiple alarms should be just fine.  Good luck.

my friend has one of those watches I will find out the name. or tell her to post it

Fantastic Idea ...I wish they had had something like that when I was growing up .....

the longest i went was about a day or two but when i don't it drives me crazy plus no one gets off  my back ,"did you check your sugar " yes " i didn't see you" . at one time i checked real frequently and my sugars we're leval(at last) then my grandma had a heart attack then i went out of state my mom got a baby through a ministry and put me in  a private school and what do you know there went my good diabetes care i was doing on my own.

If he's on a pump, he may be able to set a reminder to go off 2 hours after. If on shots, does he have a cell phone? You aren't usually allowed to have cell phones in school but if it's for medical reasons you would probably be allowed. He could set an alarm on the phone and put the phone on vibrate/manner mode.

I know he is not on a pump, but I am sure there is something out there. Can he use a phone or do you not let him have one, or are they forbidden in school.

I did a quick look at some watches on amazon too, this is the one I found that might work best, but the size might be big for your son.

i sey a reminder on my pump and it vibrates in calss to lemme know to go to the nurse and spec