Victoria, Texas!

I live right outside of Victoria and it would be awesome if I could find anyone with Type 1 around here(:

Hi, we will in Corpus Christi.  I have a 12 year old that was dx on 1-4-11.

What hospital do you go to in Corpus? I will be going on Feb. 25

We go to Driscoll Children's Hospital.  My daughter is 12.

Really!?! So do I!!! When are you going? Maybe we could plan to have an appointment on the same day or something. Which doctor do you go to? I am so psyched! It would be amazing if we had a doctors appointment on the same day!

How old are you and what school do you go to ?  We moved here about 1 1/2 years ago, Abagail is 12 years old.  I am a stay at home mom and am just learning how to take care of her.  She was dx on 1-4-11.  I know she would love to get together with other girls that have type 1 diabetes.  How has it been for you and are you pumping ?

I am 13 years old. I go to a small school in Goliad, which is right outside of Victoria. Everything has been pretty good. My sugars have been a liottle elavated lately, but I will probably change that soon. I am not pumping... yet. I had a pattern management class on 2/ 25 and my first pump class is in April. I think on april 15 or 16, then I have another appointment on the 25. We should plan to get together. It would be nice to meet a girl around my age with t1!

Alright. I will talk to my grandpa about it. I hope our appointments will eventually even out to where we might have it on the same day. My next app. is on April 16 and april 25.

Hi, we are doing pumping class in April but not the same day !  If you are ever in Corpus, please let me know.  take care, tina

All right! What pump are you and your daughter considering, if any?  I think I might get the Animas Ping. You should look into it, if you havent already. It seems like a great piece of technology for diabetics my age.  It has a remote, so you dont have to show the world that you have a pump. That is just one of the many reasons why I like it. I dont have a pump yet, but that is the one that I am considering.

We usually stop at whataburger on the bay before my appointments, so my grandpa can eat breakfast. Maybe we could meet there.

Which endo does your daughter go to?

Hope to see you in April,    Julia

I was looking at the Omni Pod, what made you think of Animas Ping ?  I will have to look into that one.  How are you doing and feeling ?  We have a pre-pump class on the 15 April at 9 am.  I think the Omni Pod you can swim with.  We go to the same endo, at Driscoll.  

I will have to look on your last emails, I don't think we have the pump class together.  Some of the dates in April were already booked.


take care, tina

You said your apt. was April 16, that is a Sat. did you mean 15 April ??  If so, what time ?  We have a 9 am !!

OMG!!!!!!!! I am so HAPPY!! I looked at my calendar and it said..... APRIL 15 AT 9 AM!!!!!! YAYYYYY!! I think you will be in my same class! Woo- Hoo!

I dont really know why I chose the Animas. Dr. Schneier gave me 3 choices: the MiniMed, OmniPod, and Animas. On TuDiabetes, many people recommended the Animas while I was researching the OmniPod (my 1st choice). I looked into the Animas and it really appealed to me. I got a packet in the mail about the Animas and that really helped me choose the Animas! I dont know how, but some guy got my number and called about the animas and then he sent a packet to my house. I have never given my # or house address out online. Kind of weird! Well, anyway, some people have told me that the OmniPod can either be too sticky, to where it hurts to take off, or not sticky enough, to where it falls off. To me, that would be a huge hassle, especially at school or at a friends house or something. Wouldn't it be bad if you were swimming in the beach and it fell off? There are a lot of positive things about the OmniPod, though. Don't let me change your mind, but I would try to get packets about the Animas and the OmniPod to compare.

I cant wait until April 15 at 9 am!!! By the way, what is your daughters name? I will be with my grandpa at the appointment. My granny might come, depending on how she is feeling that day. Cant wait(:

Have you had a Pattern Management class? I have been doing good. My mid-afternoon was really high yesterday..Yikes! it was like 370! It didnt take long to bring it back down, so that was a fairly good thing. How has Abigail been doing? Good numbers?

Wow! I was just watching World News and it said "Curing diabetes through surgery? Look at this woman before and after surgery!" It was probably for T2s, but still, that is definitely a step in the right direction!

I believe the Pattern Management class is where you learn to adjust your inslin, is that correct ??  I will look into the other pump, thanks for the info. 

See ya in April !



Yes, Pattern Management is where you adjust your insulin. Have you taken that class yet? Cant wait(:

We had to reschedule Abby's apt.  She has sat testing 15 April, so we will not be at pump class .... sorry !  I was so excited to meet you.  We will have class in May.  Let me know how your class goes.

take care, tina

Aww man! I was really looking forward to meeting yall. I understand, I had TAKS on Mon and Tues. Tell Abby that I will wish her good luck and I will be thinking about her during my class(: We will probably have another appointment or something together another time. How has Abby been?

I know, sorry !!  She has been ok, running really high in the afternoons.  We adjusted the insulin so we will wait and see.  How are you doing ?