Has anybody used Victoza? I had gone to my doctor to talk about trying Symlin to help me better control BGs as well as lose weight. She recommended Victoza or Byetta instead and higher recommendation for Victoza since it is a 1X/day injection. I’m just starting it off of a sample pen. I’m not sure if my insurance will cover it as type 1 use is off-label. Interested in hearing from any Type 1s that have used it.

I was diagnosed last year, so I am still new to everything, but my endocrinologist did put me on Victoza to try to lengthen the honeymoon stage, and also assist with weight loss. It seemed to help curb my appetite. I stopped taking it for a few months for other unrelated health reasons, but I recently started taking it again because I have gained 15 lbs since going on my insulin pump (which was in May). I was actually signing on here to post for any suggestions for weight loss. I think the Victoza is worth trying, and they should have a discount card if your insurance doesn’t cover it. Good luck! I hope it works out for you.