Virtual Diabetes Group For Teens & Tweens

My 12 year old son has always managed his T1D well, but since we moved to Indiana (away from
his support groups) he’s been making poor food decisions, hiding/lying about food, etc. I know it’s because he doesn’t have people that are in his boat sharing his struggle here. With COVID19 it’s only making it worse.

I wanted to start like a virtual group or even a one on one like friend to friend type group that can reconnect him with people like him. If you have a child that you think would benefit from having a buddy to talk to on a regular basis or even someone just to play virtual games with that also has diabetes - please let me know!

Hey Ahlena @Ahlena143! I’m Abby, I’m 17 years old and I’ve had T1D since I was 7.
I completely agree that it’s much harder to manage T1D if you don’t have people to connect with who understand your struggles. I’ve created a few different group chats of tweens/teens with T1, so I’d love to add your son to one of those! We could also be “digital pen pals” if he’d prefer a one-on-one friend. Feel free to pm me and we can exchange contact info! :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’m Abby and fourteen. I don’t know many other t1ds, but I’d love to connect with him!

Hey my name is kaylee! I have has T1D for a little over 5 years now, and still don’t have any diabetic friends. I would absolutely love to get in touch with him!

Oh great! How old are you?

I am 15. I’m so sorry for the delayed response. I hope to hear from him!

Hi, I am Jill Brooks. My son is 14 and I would love for him to connect with someone that has Type 1 Diabetes. His main hobby is video games, etc. He likes Roblox, Minecraft, and has a Switch and PS4.

Oh that would be great! My son has a cell phone, can they text?

yes. I am sorry I have not checked my messages. I will check them from now on. We are in Alabama. Are you in the US?

No problem! We are in MD