Vitamin D and blood sugars?

I was just diagnosed with type 1 in July and my endocrinologist has me on a high dosage, once a week vitamin D regiment. Most of the time, my blood sugars are in the "normal" range, but I've noticed that every Saturday when I take my vitamin D, my blood sugar skyrockets and lasts for about 3 days. My doctor says that it shouldn't have any affect on my blood sugar, but since I haven't changed anything else in my routine, it seems a little weird. Has anyone else experience this? If so, what did you do?

I have not heard of that and don't think there is a correlation btwn Vit. D and blood sugars. Have you considered stress as a cause? Is there something about your weekends that stresses you more than normal?

?? I'll be on the lookout. I have VItamin D deficiency. I don't know how much to take. One doctor said 1000 IUs a day. Another said 2000-4000 IUs a day, sooo. But back to your post, I take 1000 IUs every morning and I haven't noticed any changes in my sugar. That's weird lol


 Usually we get vitamin D from sunlight, fish, some mushrooms and that is enough for our bodies to need. Toxic levels can affect kidneys, liver and metabolic functions, so maybe you are getting plenty, and the liver stores glucose for stress, high energy activities and can dump those reserves very fast. So maybe, you are getting too much ? The supplements are usually given with fish oil based capsules, so that should not effect your bg's . I'm thinking your higher bg readings after you take the supplements is from too much (toxic) D, and your body is reacting accordingly ? Since I am not your doc, I am only making statements based on what I think is going on.   Jeff dx-06/71'

My endo just told me today to "go back to the basics". What is your activity level on the weekends as opposed to the weekdays? That could have a big impact on your glucose levels.

Since I live in Seattle I take 800iu's of Vitamin D everyday. Sunlight deficiency is common in Seattle, thus causing alot of angry depressed people here. I haven't noticed any effect on my Bg's, in fact my endo is glad i am taking it. I feel weird if I run out or miss taking it, plus it hardly costs anything and tanning beds are dangerous, expensive and they make you look like a pumpkin around a bunch of whiter than white people here in seattle.