Volunteer Trip to Thailand!

Hey friends!

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 11 years old. I have been selected to go to Thailand this summer to volunteer in a project focusing on children and social community development. I never thought I would be able to go on a trip like this because of my diabetes, but I have been able to overcome a lot of obstacles and I am preparing to go on the trip! 
I will be traveling with International Student Volunteers (ISV) and we will go help disadvantaged people, including children living in orphanages. My team will live within the local community and teach English, construct homes and community facilities, and develop recreational programs for children. I will learn about the socio-economic challenges of people who live in developing countries and communities.
The total cost of the trip is about $4,000, and I have raised about half of the money. I am looking for help with my fundraising and I am wondering if anybody has any connections or suggestions as to where I could find funding help. I would love to share my experiences of traveling to Thailand with others struggling with Diabetes, and share how I have been able to overcome obstacles of the disease in order to go on this trip! 
I would appreciate any advice you may have!

Hi! I know that you posted this a long time ago, but I am wondering how everything worked out while you were there? I am leaving in March to go on a backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. I have type 1 and use insulin pens. I am concerned about keeping my daytime insuling cool enough (it needs to be at room temperature) when I am out and about during the day with it. Just wondering if you have any tips or suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

Don't know if pens are different, but I backpacked for a couple weeks down the Baja coast of Mexico (about 10 years ago when I was younger and much more fun).  I didn't have any problems with my insulin.  I kept it in the middle of my pack and would try to keep my bag out of the sun as much as possible.  

I know some people stress and do all sorts of crazy things to keep it cool.  Frankly, I've used insulin for almost 35 years and have never had insulin compromised by the heat.  I lived in southern Colorado and was an avid backpacker, never had a problem.  

On your trip make sure to take double the amount of supplies you think you'll need.  And have a note translated into the local language, explaining that you have type 1 diabetes and carry your medical supplies.  I'd also wear a medic alert bracelet.  Will help you get thorugh customs easier.