Volunteers needed for worldwide study T1 & exercise

From diatribe: “If you have type 1 diabetes and are willing to be active for just 150 minutes each week, this is a unique opportunity to participate remotely in large-scale diabetes research. And, it’s quick and easy to sign up!​”

I am including link:


Unfortunately closed to people over 70, which seems to be standard for clinical trials.

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Almost same here. 69 but connective tissue & joint problems make me wonder if I could do type of exercise that might be required.

Hard to say. Based on their description of real world impacts on blood sugar, I would expect them to support various levels of exercise.

Hope you get in!


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No kids, either. 18-70. Too bad we can’t help with this one — it looks useful. Thanks for posting!

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I think my use of Control-IQ eliminates my eligibility.

jdjim, Have you been told CIQ eliminates your? I think that majority if not all of diabetics in the study will be managing bg via one type of treatment or another. If you’re able to do the exercise don’t allow managing with CIQ stop you from applying.

I began on a pump16 years ago seeing an Endocrinologist at a University Research Hospital. It still feels rewarding that I stuck with a 2 month process of being disciplined in keeping stats & going through all the steps to get approved. I understood that all the stats were being kept bc of research that could help others.

I’d urge you to apply. Being a volunteer in a study could be very rewarding.

Not fair, I’m 74 and I exercise at least that much