Waiting to update IOS on iPhone with Pump

Hi Everyone,
Apple software update is available but Tandem provided an alert not to update to IOS16 yet. Has anyone updated to latest IOS on phone and does mobile bolusing still work? I haven’t updated yet and not sure when Tandem will issue the all clear.

Hi Diane:
I have not taken the update. I have endured so many issues with IOS updates over the years, that I only update when I absolutely have to. That said, no whizz bang cool feature Apple wants me to have is worth nuking the Tandem remote bolus feature, in my opinion. I plan to sit tight until the Tandem Engineers can do their thing for our collective benefit.
Have a good week!

@DFBB @rpalmer0614 and all interested

T:connect is compatible with IOS 16 from iPhone 7 to 13 and x?'s even SE gen 2 and 3

the compatibility chart is here https://www.tandemdiabetes.com/products/software-apps/device-compatibility

Thanks Joe, you beat me to it! Tandem sent an email blast to me yesterday advising that I am clear to update to the current IOS. I will post after I complete the update to let everyone know what happened.


I am actually waiting to update my iPhone 13 Pro and my hubby’s iPhone 13 to iOS16 when Apple gets rid of all the bugs in their update! Even though Tandem emailed to say it was okay, there could be a host of other issues waiting behind the door. I personally would give it a few more weeks… But I will be interested to know if you encounter any hurdles regarding Tandem/Dexcom.

We updated to IOS 16 on October 3rd, and so far no issues with bolus from phone. We also use Follow and Clarity with no problems.

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I have iPhone 13 and 16.3 update done and Dexcom working ok.