Walk for a Cure at the Mall Of America

The annual "JDRF Walk for a Cure" was held at the Mall of America in Minneapolis on Feb 27th.  An estimated 20,000 people attended and a record breaking $1.9 million dollars was raised.  Shaylee's Shoe had a team walking for the first time and we had a ball.  We will return again next year for the big event.  Remember to look on Facebook for our Shaylee's Shoe page.  You can purchase a Shaylee Shoe for someone special and a donation will be made to JDRF.  Great cause, adorable charm.

Even though Shaylee's Shoe is packaged in an adorable pink bag, don't think that they are just for girls.  There are guys wearing them too.  Of course Shaylee's dad wears one, but now there are other guys wearing them too.  Be sure to check us out on Facebook.