Walk for a Cure

Hey Everyone!

The JDRF Walk for a Cure is coming up quick in my state... and maybe yours too!  I am excited to be volunteering for the event and am looking for sponsor to meet my personal goal of raising $1000 towards a cure.

If you can't participate in your area for some reason... you can still help!  Simply copy and paste the address below in your address bar and make a donation today!  Every dollar helps! 


Thanks in advance for you help!


I hope it was ok to post this :)


My walk was in April. We had a wonderful turn out. It is so amazing to see all the people walking I mean you just look back and see people for miles and you look ahead and see people for miles. It is so amazing! I hope you get alot of donations! I'm sure you'll get to your goal. My family's goal was $500 and we passed that goal by a landmark! We ended up raising over $2000. People are generous when it comes to something like this. Best of Luck to you! Oh and have FUN!!!!

Thanks!  I am excited.  I just got my first donation from an old high school friend!  I just posted it today on Facebook... so I'm excited to see what happens.  I'm also going to approach my gym owner to see if I can post something there to raise funds!  I'm volunteering this week to get things ready for the walk and on Thursday they are having a luncheon that I am helping with as well. Should be fun!

Good luck with your walk.. We had so much fun at ours.. I donated to your site on behalf of www.teamcharleigh.com .  C'mon juvenators... IF everyone just donates 5$, That would be huge. 

P.S.  I'll be hitting you guys up for it around January..  :p

Hey, Fred...

Thanks you sooo much for your donation.  It actually brought a tear to my eye to think someone I don't even know was willing to help out.  WOW!  I'm sure the walk will be fun.  I keep posting on Facebook as well.  Hopefully more people will start chipping in.  Love your daughter's name by the way... very cute!  She is too!

Take care1

We were pretty emotional earlier this year when we had strangers donating to our first walk. There really are still some good people out there.. :)

Our support group has a team going, but I got impatient, and started up my own team early. I cried with the first donation to us, which was actually from someone on my Relay for Life team. My dad emailed my letter to a bunch of friends and they have all been donating like crazy. In the past 6 days, we have already made $270.00. I asked that each person, even if unable to donate money, please send the email on. This has happened, and I am getting donations from complete strangers, which still makes me really emotional. I just wish I had their addresses so I could send them a thank you. You never know when that one dollar might be the last dollar needed.


Best of luck to everyone and their teams! I can't wait to hear how everyone did!

We are doing our first walk this November for my son who was diagnosed 2 years ago. I posted our fundraising page on Facebook and been amazed at the response. So far, all our donations have come from people I knew in high school (by the way, that was 25 years ago!!) and their friends (people I don't even know). What is overwhelming to me, is these people weren't my close friends just people I knew. Very touching!

Ok... quick update... Have raised 25% of my goal of 1000 dollars!  Yea!!!  I'm really excited.  I figure I should have no problem reaching my goal.  Tomorrow, it's off the gym to start selling "sneakers"...Thanks everyone for your support.

my walk is october 4th in illinois. i cant wait. well there is 4 other diabetes walks in illinois that day. i cant wait. i am pumped even though only one of my friends is going. i did a cancer walk the 26th(my half birthday) but i am way more pumped for something i can relate to. =)

This year I have been striking otu big time amongst my family and friends. More so my facbook profile and pleas has been relatively low so far. I am going on an aggressive stance myself at this point to get things going. It seems that this year people are just being more tight with their money.